Is chicking event extended since no Vykas?

Pretty much title and also are honing books gonna be extented too or should we use them before maintenance ?

It’s being extended past this week


Thanks !

Will daily login rewards be extended? I’m literally missing 1 day for glasses.

Yup, you will be able to get those glasses :sunglasses:


Thank you senpai.

Can we get some legendary card packs in the event shop :sweat_smile:

OOO nice I missed the glasses by one day t.t

that means the rest of us doesnt get login for another week?


Omg I got a problem(can’t log in on a specific character) but I can’t create a new topic anywhere, support or whatever, what is going on!

I think you need to solve your previous one

what about for neria’s wardrobe too? since they set to expire on the 16th. new rotation? @Roxx


So in another post you mentioned that we would be getting new login rewards, this suggests the old ones are not going away?

Are we getting both?
Feels like conflicting information.

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Oh cool. I can not use any of those honing books since I spend extra gold to get my last alt to 1370 because I thought the event was ending on the date the books state.

She mentioned bonus login rewards, so maybe just tacked on more rewards past the glasses.

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Most likely just a second page with 7 entries, like they did in the past with EUW.

If I were say, 14 days from the glasses, would I still get those glasses?

As you say, we had in before but that was a separate page completely and the old rewards weren’t available or even shown.

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