Is clown coming in next patch or October?

Has it been confirmed yet? Seems scouter has but not clown raid.

CLOWN+new class (machinist) will be released next maintenance on 28th of this month not on october 5th

Have they confirmed that clown release is 28th? It doesn’t seem so.

But scouter they have plenty of posts about.

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jeez. read patch notes and have way higher understanding so u know whats gonna be release on next patch. im pretty sure they gonna release both at 28th. if u reading the patchnotes right. im 100% sure.

Well they have postproned a lot of things until now. So i wouldnt be 100% sure at this point.


Which patch notes!? The one pinned on their twitter account doesnt even mention clown and it was posted on 6 September.

Their latest post on twitter was confirming scouter for 28th Sep but not a mention of clown.

Thats why im asking. There are rumours it will be delayed.

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ok folks think what u want :slight_smile: imma stop here before i get ban for “creating dissent” within a community ^^.

Im actually certain it will be delayed. Because if it wasnt, there would be more social media posts hyping it up.

The only thing on their twitter page is scouter.

More like roadmap:

This was posted in July.

They don’t need to hype it up because the whole forum is a clown Fiesta. Get it? Clown?

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They don’t seem to invest too much on marketing. AGS marketing on LOA is very bad. So nobody expects to receive hype announcements on social media. Only through patch notes and roadmaps promoted on the forums/official webpage.

Clown comes together with the 2nd part of the September update (which also includes Scouter), which was announced to come on the 28th of this month on the roadmap (read them completely).

Please don’t create/spread rumours if you don’t know the facts. It is only going to create a negative environment for both the player base and the developer/publisher. You might also be spreading misinformation by doing that.

I don’t think anyone is trying to spread misinformation. They’re trying to get MORE information when there’s a massive vacuum of information over the topic.

AGS has no one to blame but themselves if people question whether or not it’s even coming out. It means that they didn’t do enough to actually verify a date for the release for us.


I know most people are not trying to spread misinformation. That’s why I say “might”.
I also want more reliable and effective communication between SG-AGS-Community, as well as a more developed and serious marketing campaign from AGS side.

Yet dates have already been stated before. They plan to release the second part of the September update (Clown + Scouter + server merges) on the 28th (last Wednesday of September). And that answers OP’s question. If they plan to add more stuff, delay the update, or just release what it was said in the roadmap, then we will know when we get the patch notes (unfortunately).

Someone else posted this link in other topic similar to this one, i hope it helps.

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