Is Destroyer good as an alt?

With the new powerpass and the other thing I will make an alt to 1370, but it won’t be Arcana because even though I like the concept, everyone say it is weak until 1460+ and other downsides for it.

Is Destroyer a good alt to be in 1370 for a while? or it also needs higher ilevel?

It’s good. I recommend pretty much anything but Deadeye, but to be honest the best thing you can do is level up something you enjoy playing. That way when you’re spamming the same few things every day/week you aren’t too bored.

IM playing it at 1385 with 3 engravings and having a lot of fun… when you dont miss :smiley:
Usually mvp at yoho, sometimes in argos also.

Dunno as a high level, but for 1370-1385 if you give him like 3 engravings is a class that (for me at least) is a lot of fun.

Rarely uses pots also. Tons of armor if you know when to use some skills.

However dont use it if you are the kind that cant get over friustration. Its sloooow and sometimes you miss hits in a row, and get salty :smiley:



deadeye is fine for chaos and silver lopang… other than that, in the wrong hands not recommended for gold generator

I feel you I wana also have destory, gunlacer, Striker or a shadowhunter but I dont know :smiley:


GT Hammerboy is awesome(and cheaper than RH)+ fast BONK is fun.

If you don’t like braindead but slow and tanky class - don’t pick GL.
BONK always fun but slow(kinda).
Striker not my thing so can’t say anything good.
SH - braindead, fast but squishy(against GL and Hammer)

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I play deadthblad and I need something to chill :smiley:
I know for striker you need to invest much but I like my wardancer gameplay thats why.

Gunlancer is such gigachad, ignoring every shit with the huge shild.
Destory for the meme lol :smiley:

Shadowhunter looks also fun

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Blue GL might be slow for someone and boring but yeah - you can facetanking many thing.(for chaos I use full swift with LN+SC+PS+Barr. Then just spin for win)
Hammerboy is just pure fun. GT is slower but tankier than RH and cheaper.(some even say that GT have more damage than RH but not tested)
SH DI is just faceroll on you keyboard in form(not literaly but still close)

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GT has more dmg until like 1415, then until 1445 are the same. After that RH goes up the roof because of entropy set and better scaling.

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