Is Elzowin down?

Bunch of us just got kicked and can’t get back into the server just keeps saying error has occured exiting the game.


Same issue here, many elzowin people cannot get into game

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Having same issue

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AH issue now

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Same here as well…
Nothing on Twitter yet.

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Having the same issue here, both me and my bf.

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yep, thought it was some wailing swamp glitch, or bug cuz me and my friend got kicked. elzowin server

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i got a black screen and got kicked from server, i cant log back, but i can in other serv, weird

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Game isn’t loading any of the servers on selection screen for me now. Tried verifying game files just in case

I’d just won an auction for a Secret Map from the Chaos Rift…didn’t get the map, lost the gold…and then stuck at an infinite black screen.

Heelllllp meeee

same here though it was only me

Got kicked and now it errors when trying to connect to the server. I’ve verified game files and everything else is good on my end. Looks like the server. Time to go play something else until this is fixed.

Same issue here i get to server selection, pick my server and then the game exits was working fine at 7 pm

This was escalated to the technical team

same here, cant go back

Same, can’t log in to Elzowin

What’s this process and how do you know?

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Having the same issue as well. Also on Elzowin

Same I can’t get into Elzowin

I don’t see any US East server