Is Europe considered a lesser region by AGS?

First of all, the prices are the same in all Europe, while some countries have very different economies. Of course, AGS wants to avoid any fraud, but they deliberately sacrifice some European countries to do so.

Now, we have launch times. It’s always scheduled during the evening (or almost) for Europe, so if there are problems, European players aren’t able to play at launch, while in NA or Latin America, it’s the morning and not that impactful. Launch times clearly favours America. And of course, there are problems.

So I need to ask if Europe will always be the sacrificed region?


AGS is based out of San Diego, California. They are going to do maintenance during working hours in California because that’s what makes sense for their employees.

So yes, you’re probably going to get the short stick in the EU on down time during your evenings.


Welcome to America’s world for EU based games…

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Meanwhile Aussies…

Amazon is just a small Indi Company. They don’t have more capital than a mega Giant like a blizzard who can do regional updates. Its not like they are one of the biggest companies in the world or anything.




Will the European time zone always be secondary for a company that is owned and operated in the United States, Pacific West time Zone.

The obvious answer is yes, unfortunately.

If we in the west want to use services of European country, we are not going to get good service during our waking hours right.

I work for an Ecommerce company. When we deploy code into live for our sites we work 12am GMT for Europe, 6pm GMT = Asia Midnight, and 4am GMT = US Evening. If we can do it, I’m pretty sure a multi billion dollar company can do the same.

Times zones are not an excuse.


If you think Amazon = Ags you should just be quiet from now on.


Please, be patient. It’s a small indie company. They don’t have any employees managing their servers outside of America. Also, AWS Game Tech? What’s that? They’re proud of that you say? But it’s definitely NOT offered in Europe, Australia, etc. At all. And it’s also definitely not related with AGS.

And yes, I’m sarcastic. I can wait for the servers to come back up, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t critizise Amazon for not doing things that they clearly and easily could. But I guess that only the dollars count, or so it seems by some people’s replies.

Last I checked you at least have EU servers whilst we in Australia have nothing, the restarts are often in our prime time, and anything they relies on server restarts or daily resets do not line up at all so no you guys are not to bad off…
Not to mention they don’t even allow some SEA players
If anyone is treated second class its certainly not you.

True, you guys draw the worst end of the stick. But that doesn’t mean we can’t complain either :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure everyone knows amazon owns it… I’t doesnt mean amazon money = AGS money. It goes other way around.

You seem to be very confused about how corporations and the various subsidiary orgs within major tech companies operate.

We can see how corpo operates… theyve lost around milion players on NW… mostly from eu :smiley:

Yes, of course. Every true American considers Europe to be lesser than us. What a dumb question.


Thanks for making it clear, at least an honest answer. Too bad AGS won’t admit that though.

Not trying to call your qualifications into question here, but I’m pretty sure that a global release and rolling out an update for an application that is already live in a production environment are different…

The story repeats itself. It was the same crap with New world.