Is everyong planning to use 1445 hyper express on Reaper?

Will we able to see bunch of 1445 reapers on Valtan Hard?

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All I know is I’ll be gatekeeping like crazy in Valtan HM next week since too many fresh 1445s without relic set :slight_smile:, engravings and probably gems/tripods


I might do a third sup if I’m gonna be honest


If Tripod update is not next week, then I will save a full set of 18 Tripods for Gunslinger and make another. No reason not to, easy 4x3+1 or if I force a 7/7 I’ll build 4321 on the spot.

its confirmed next week

Yes and the gatekeeping will be out of this world.

If you are talking about painter then yea, that will be my 4th supp

It’s confirmed via DatModz twitter

Fak, well there goes that.

Suppose I’ll push one of my idle 1415’s. Scrapper? SH? Paladin 2?

Tripod update is indeed next week, confirmed as a part of the November Update


Maybe. Unless we can use the event on a 1415 and claim previous rewards. Does anyone know for certain if that works?

If I remember correct, it does work. But not like the last one with machinist. If events progress depends on ilvl, in that case it works

Answearing to topic, no i dont need Floor conservator on my F2P Roster on Whale Roster even more NO ( will be gatekeep, even i dont wannt this insta die class on my party )

Are we also getting the balance changes? Hallucination really needs that QoL change

Did you not read the roadmap? All of these are in for November.

I did but there’s been no confirmation ever since and it’s Amazon so…

You can’t even make a relic set until 1445.


aight, reccomend me some good alts. i literally having all alts because of powerpass, so far for dps i have deathblade.

i am support main till thronepsire release, then i was creating deathblade for the sake of thronespire clear.

paladin, bard, deathblade, glaiver 1380, and sorc 1370 (i really wants to delete this sorc) but she has 3k leapstone.

should be 1460 Hyper Express

Demonic Impulse SH but only go for 4x3 and that’s all you really need for now but if you plan to include it in your 6 gold earning characters, 5x3 will be insanely expensive for future raids. But you need two high level gems only.

Machinist is similar to SH except it’s much much tankier but a bit more clunky to play since short uptime. Personally I prefer SH but I think Machinist has much better survival rate overall as long as you’re careful during human mode.