Is exitlag allowed? I just downloaded it and it won't let me in

I heard that exitlag was whitelisted as its not VPN app, it just lowers your ping. But I just downloaded it cause I’ve been having horrible ping for the last week or two on NA west, and I wanned to lower it with exitlag

Yes ExitLag do not work anymore… it’s being detected as a VPN each time

That sucks, I just paid for the service and found out its not working. Some people were saying on reddit that it started working again but I guess that was a lie.

I use Shadow Gaming, I don’t know if you know about them, but it’s still being detected as a VPN as of today, forcing me to be client of GeForce Now

It was briefly working for like a week or two then it got blocked again. Even if it works I would not risk it as I think they are actively banning accounts for this now.

You are connected to the GFN servers instead of connecting directly. Depending on where you live and how good your internet connection is you may see improved ping. Just keep in mind that GFN requires a pretty beefy connection to get decent quality. Personally I have to basically close all other connections and kick everyone else off the router to get a stable connection that doesnt look like dog crap :sweat_smile:

If it hasn’t been 7 days you can do chargeback. Otherwise, you can ask the support to create a code out of your remaining days to use it later (when hopefully amazon allows it). I had to do the latter and play without exitlag.

That’s a good idea, support told me they are communicating with amazon they might white list it or something