Is F2P Valtan Ready? Gearscore CHECK

Hi i would like to see how many people that are true F2P (0$ spent) are Valtan Ready,How many alts you guys have,what GS,how many hours. Would be nice to see where we stand compared to those that get a bit ahead via cash.

I’m currently at 1400 Main + x3 1370 + x1 1340 with a total of 900 hours. Where do you stand?


1410 \ 1370 \ 1340 \ 1340 \ 1340 \ 1340 - 602 hours.

I’ve been at 1410 for nearly a week though. Just about to pity a 16 > 17. Then I have to do it all again 1 more time.

Also the price of unbound leapstones is just too good, from a sellers point of view. I sell em all.


only bought founders pack, f2p btw


1300 hours, 160 roster, did buy event pass

so not f2p :3


1400 / 1385 / 1355 / 1340 / 1340. - 800 hours.

I have enough mats banked to get 1415 with average luck right now, so maybe.
172k gold, 43 million silver, and 7k blue crystals. I’ll use my resources if I have to, but I am a bit of a hoarder so I’ll do it begrudgingly.

As far as F2P, I bought bronze founders pack, Ark Pass, Glaivier skin pack, and 6 months of crystalline aura. Obviously that’s not “free” to play, but I think it’s in the same region.


1434 and 6 alts at 1340 and 1 alt at 1310(3 Alts are just for Lopang though) with Founderspack and Arkpass, so not F2P but also not a whale or even a dolphin. Spend my Crystals from Founders only on Cosmetics.

I’m f2p reached 1415 today using only bound great honor leapstones, i have 4 alts at 1340 (starting to push 2 of them to 1370) but they only helped my main with guardian stones, i sell the tradable honor leapstones.
I have 957 hours but i don’t think it would matter much because i expended a lot of time in islands, reading lore, collectibles, etc, in content i only did dailies on my main, in my alts was only with rested bonus for most of the time.

If you do almost all contents that give great honor leapstones and manage to get around 700 of them until 05/25 you may be able to still do valtan in the first week, you can get at least 300 great honor leapstones per week only in bound leapstones, so if you keep the ones from guardian raid you may be able to get 700 and 1415 before the first valtan reset. Of course if you pity everything, 700 won’t be enough.

1405 / 1390 / 1385 / 1340 / 1340 / 1340/ 1325 / 1000 / 1000
I might make it barely. - 1300h only bought the pass and skins and stuff like that, character slots.

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only bought the $10 founder pack, haven’t spent money on game other than that.

have 1415-1370-1340-1340-1340.
i haven’t been pushing very hard for gear and pittied my last 3 hones on my 1415.

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0$ spent

This guy that gave you 640k gold, was his name “Yeoiwjhfdasijkhd” by any chance?


1445, 1370 x3 1340 x3, 1369 hrs, gold founder pack bought.

1452-1385-1370-1310 with other 2 alts in t1 which I basically never use.
Over 300k gold in gold, mats and investments (30k gold, 1.4k great leapstones, 25k guardian crystals, 7k destruction crystals, 12k basic/simple orehas, 600 t3 medium pouches and other stuff …)

1300 hours played, but it might be more around 1100 considering I go afk very often.

0 € spent on the game. Just charged 5€ on Steam account to have my Steam account trusted but last time I checked I wasn’t still trusted on Lost Ark and, also, my 5€ are still in my Steam Wallet.

Lol the biggest problem with this is people lie about their (F2p status) especially those who use RMT/Founders pack.

I would even go as far to say most are to make a point.

300 hours 1325, 960, 580 something. 15 dollar Bronze Pack, but also I’ve gotten just about every login reward and twitch drop/loot. So still not F2p lol.


I bought skins and 2x ark pass ;( I’m not qualified now am I

You dont get anything for beeing F2P so ist doesn’t matter at all :slight_smile:

The only thing matter is that you have fun playing.


let the kids live in their world, they arent hurting anyone