Is funneling gold from another roster on the same account bannable?

Is it bannable to play on multiple servers to funnel gold into your main roster through the auction house on the same account? I heard that its against ToS to have multiple accounts and was wondering if this were okay.

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No been doing it since week 1. Just make sure it’s the same account multiple steam qccounts however is against the tos

It is bannable.

That does not mean that they are able to find out and ban you.


Your account can be flagged because it is a misusage of the AH. This was stated by a CM in one off the bann threads which seem to be gone now.

some have more than just 6 gold chars - this would only mean that instead of making the full rooster of alts, which aren’t able to earn gold, you create 6 new alts on another server and earn gold (additionally to the regular mats)

No it’s not bannable. What rules would you be breaking? Giving out free legit gold isn’t against the rules one way or the other. Even less so because you’re not even giving it away, you’re just moving it within the same one account. It would be bannable if:

  1. Any RMTing or botting was involved at any point of that gold’s life
  2. More than one (1) account was involved at any point

If neither of these are true in your case: it’s completely fine

Would love to know the answer to this as well. Almost no official answer from AGS on this issue. So many say you can and a lot of people say you cannot legally do this. I wanted to do this on another server so I can afford engravings because very expensive.

You can create another roster on another server on your region and funnel gold.

It is all good as long as it is the same steam account.

That’s what i would hope and think is possible but then when Ive asked on other posts on here people link a response from a community mod that it is not allowed. Tbh I don’t think any CM like Roxx will answer this question.

It has been answered before. The devs said that counts as using the AH in a way that is not intended and therefore it’s against the ToS

Seems as if its only an issue in our region since KR can have multiple accounts but they don’t have a big bot/rmt issue like we do.

Some people do it in KR but most can’t because servers are locked. People have already reported getting a ban doing this so likely in our version they have the tools to detect it probably as a result of bots funneling the same way.

yea this person is the only one i have seen that is the most official that i can find. you have this person saying you cant and then you have people posting that when they contacted chat support the customer support agent said you can and is perfectly legal… my main issue is the inconsistency.

He edited his original post which was regarding account / roster gold transfers so that is a troll.

Anyway… This has been asked multiple times and the answer was always no. I would not trust what a customer support agents is saying because it is extremely likely they are not playing the game and have no idea whatsoever what the question even means.

It’s only anecdotal but people on discord have been saying they got a ban for it and can’t remember which streamer but one of them said some of his friends got banned for it.

Theres been a couple content creators, sywo made a video about alts and talked about how you can have alts on another server, make stuff in stronghold from gatherables on your main server and then your alt on another server would buy that item so that your main gets the gold. That video is actually when i started looking into finding the answer because i thought it wasnt allowed but then watched that video. He is obviously not a CM and does not work for AGS but it got me questioning. I like his content and would hate to know he was spreading false info but he might have not known it was not a legal way of making gold.

Well, yeah ok. They’ve put in the 6 character gold limit for a very good reason and having a second roster is taking it to a whole new level because now you can print gold with unas, lifeskill and chaos gates too. At this point you would be doing the same thing as bots were doing there is a slight chance you’d just get flagged and automatically banned. Maybe not but I wouldn’t risk it to be honest.

it’s NOT allowed because take NA east as an example with 15 servers…

if you spent just $750 on powerpasses (when they reenable them) that’s 1 t3 character on each server with their own UNA gold…

how much gold do you think they would generate per week?

upwards of 40k-70k or more per week just from una tokens…

50k gold is already almost $40 bucks in RMT.

that’s like almost 200 bucks a month…

in 4 months you’d make your money back and then everything is pure profit.

gg ez gold bots making bank

Nah I am not going to risk it, that’s why i was trying to find a official answer before doing it without knowing first. Appreciate your responses though.

It would probably be alright because if there weren’t any bots how would they know? But because we had so many it’s likely that they are checking these routes for funneling gold if they were smart. If you wanna do it anyway and not take many risk you can have like 1 character and still farm a crystalline aura. That’s account wide. GL on getting an answer from a CM though this is just my opinion so