Is Galatur's issue going to be fixed on this maintenance?

Hello !

I was wondering if a DEV can confirm if Galatur’s issues are going to be fixed during this morning maintenance, because it was not menionned anywhere.

We have been locked for more than 24 hours now. Is there something planned for us?

We have sent tickets already but the responses weren’t conclusive. I’ve sent mine 22 hours ago and got nothing (IGN Jolteh by the way, if a DEV could help)…

Are we suppose to restart everything on a new server? I feel like Galatur’s main quest issue won’t be fixed before server goes back live…

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This may be just speculation, but they didn’t include a possible fix in the patch notes… So likely not.

Also, the fact that it only occured on a single lower population server makes me believe that identifying the issues cause is more important than restoring those affected by it.

Sadly, from a business standpoint, we aren’t a priority.

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They’ll do nothing. Gonna make us wait for our tickets to get resolved manually. Good luck with the thousands and thousands of other tickets out there

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

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