Is giving someone real money to buy gold for you allowed?

The scenario is this: A big spender hits the daily spending limit in the ingame F4 currency exchange, and then in order to be able to buy more gold, gives real money to friends so the friends can use that money to buy gold for them in the ingame F4 currency exchange and send that gold to the big spender via mail/gems.

People on Reddit are arguing that this is not RMT / against ToS / bannable. I would like an official and clear statement from AGS on this.

Screenshot of the Reddit thread:

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I would like to inform here that any sort of engagement that involves real-money trading of in-game items and in-game currencies are against the code of conduct of amazon games.

This has been mentioned in point number 3. Play fair of the following link-

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The way it is worded, as long as they don’t keep, trade, or monetize the transaction, it actually should be allowed.

There is nothing there that says that I can’t just loan someone money, or that I can’;t have them buy me stuff. It says that I can’t trade items. This isn’t a trade. This is me giving person X money, they buy it and then give it right back. As long as they don’t keep anything, there was nothing gained by the buying party, and thus no trade was made.

It’s worth noting that Amazon ultimately has the say and can do what they want without any negative action, but the way it is currently worded in the link shared above, there is nothing against ToS as long as the buying party gives back 100% of the purchase.