Is in-game exchange really worth it?

As a non-whale but willing to pay player I feel like i’m stuck in between third party RMT/exchange market.

Some background: I’m just a regular dude with a full time job sitting on 300hrs and ilvl 1355. I want to swipe my card and save my ass from possibly losing my job to continue to grind to 1370 for the new content.

I really want to properly support the game and do what feels morally right to me and use the in-game exchange market. However paying the in-game exchange rate makes me feel like a moron when ppl are getting the same thing for 1/4 the price in third party sites without any consequence. I personally know couple ilvl 1385+ players in my guild that gets all their gold(1m+) from third party sites that still walks the earth of Arkesia.

In this current situation I feel like it’s really not worth spending money in the in-game exchange and I’m sure i’m not the only one out there that thinks this way…


I hate this but it’s all peer pressure. It’s either grind or pay my way up to 1370 or being excluded from the circle

The in game exchange rate does make you look like a moron do not do it. But also do not RMT, if amazon is serious about shutting down gold selling and bots they will take harsher action. You’re free to do what you want, there is no guarantee they will give permabans to gold buyers and sellers. That being said as someone who also likes to spend when I deem it appropriate, just gonna have to be patient if you really wanna stick around.

Getting blue crystals is always worth, but I’d prioritize the monthly chest and maybe the weekly if you’re really committed to budgeting a monthly Lost Ark expense. Outside of that yeah, use the royal crystals wisely cause some costumes may be more expensive than others so you dont want to waste what few you do buy on overpriced garbage.

As far as gear progression goes, use the marie shop and get used to maybe one or two upgrades a week on average. Maybe you get lucky and one tap everything up the next level. But yeah good luck.

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