Is it a good time to come back to the game?

Hey there, been away for a few months, I was just wondering if now’s a good time to come back to the game, if there is new QoL, stuff to do etc. Haven’t really been following the patch notes that much. I just know about the new class and thats pretty much it.

We got a new class balancing patch, new class with a really good event and are getting brel hard + ancient gear this week.

I think its pretty good time to givethe game another shot.


It depends. Why did you left the game?


Just try it and decide for yourself. The game is free so its not like you lose anything if you dont like it.

If you like well made raids. and the steddy grind. i think you will love it.
As long as you know its not a game where you catch up with in the next few weeks of everyone else (like in WoW) then i sugest giving it a go for sure

game is pretty good but early game is dead

you have a free 1445 express pass right now with only a silver cost (if you weren’t 1445 already)
you have a story pass as well which is effectively a punika pass but you just have to play the MSQs so you got an alt for free
and you also got a punika pass so another alt for free

so basically if you start now you get 3 characters at 1445 for effectively free
1460 is just 1 tap and currently there isa huge lack of dps at that level due to the new support release so you won’t have much trouble finding lobbies for hard valtan hard vykas

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Edit: nevermind, +1 after 1445. Was thinking you were saying it was easy to tap.

well it’s not hard

the hard part is 1490
1520 after that comes fairly for free

I mean +17 wep to +18 wep starts 5% and is 1144 Dest Stones, 28 GHL 16 Basic Oreha and 540g per attempt.

Compared to +19 to +20 it’s definitely not as bad (I just spent 30k g and a crap ton doing so on my artist) but getting to 1460 is definitely still quite luck-reliant and a different story altogether than getting 1445.

costs never go down

the reason +20 (1490) is hard is because it’s a 3% hone
the next 3% hone is +18 on brel gear which is 1570

i pitied almost everything to +20 on my main before brel
so it’s pretty rough moment but if you muscle through it after that it’s much easier (costs still go up but it doesn’t feel as bad)

+20 tap armor on argos gear is 1.6k gold
+20 tap weapon on argos gear is 2.9k gold

and those costs are matched at
+14 tap armor on brel gear 1.6k
weapon starts off more expensive immediately +13 at 3.6k

I’m simply saying getting to 1460 from 1445 isn’t really simple unless you’re lucky. 1490 is of course harder.

1460 is
1k gold per armor tap
1.9k per weapon tap

if we assume you will be buying only orehas and books it’s
700 for armor
1.2k for weapon

which for average roster earnings is not really a lot
pity is 12k gold armor
21k for weapon

which looks like a lot but if you play consistently those ilvls come easy

you dont use the honing books ?

i mean they cost almost nothing

your calculates are pretty bad if you dont use the books
they also cut your hones by 1/3rd of the costs from 1445-1490

It’s better to come back now than in 2 days, or 2 weeks or 2 months :slight_smile:

Its never a good time to come back LOL


Yes, just dont make an artist or other support. ^^ Just kidding… Play what you want. :slight_smile:


  • I think its a month since the Power /Hyper Express/Story Express and Ark Pass was released and I am almost done with the Ark Pass.
  • Stoy Express and Hyper Express are already done.

Though I played intensively. But I think its manageable in the remaining 2 months too.

So, better now and profit from the Event Passes and being able to conclude them.

The best answer to this is yes with respect to getting a character leveled up relatively cheap, up to 1445 you can push for barely anything, we have engraving support for new players so it gives you time to find gear to replace your engravings.

I would say the only down side though is actually getting into parties is what you are going to struggle with.

dont bother, you wont be able to play


Dont listen to them!

I read a lot that 1540 bards believe they are too fine for a 1460 DPS group. Well then… their problem.

I have 5 bards (1 with event now) all around 1445 and I have no problem finding groups and one shot the thing.

I got jailed though with my summoner on Easter holiday which I believe it was due to the holidays, as normal Vykas groups were almost non-existent and I believe holiday players also came back, as it sometimes took lik 8-9 min. in Deskaluda to finish… which is regularly not the case (2-4 min.).

I have also good experience with low roster and Mokoko groups in Raids. You can never know if groups are good or bad.

If you dont mind to play with people at item-level for the raids, then come.
Should you be picky and biased and give new people no chance to improve or being good at item-level well then… you will have problems everywhere in life.

Edit 1: I had a Zerker 1465, high roster, complaining lately about ayaya in Deskaluda, guess what, my Shadow Hunter 1415 became MVP. High roster and high item level is not an indicator of good players skill.

Edit 2: My statement applies to EUC. I cannot make any suggestions towards other regions.

no problem join 1370 mokokos group maybe