Is it against ToS to play on multiple accounts?

Basically, I got wrongfully banned a while ago. It took over a month and a crap ton of emails, but I finally got unbanned. However I had already started a new account and gotten further then my old account. So I am wondering If i can still play my old account, and farm materials and then send them to my new account?

Im not talking about playing multiple accounts at the same time.

  1. Log into steam on my old account
  2. Farm mats and send them to my new account
  3. Log out of steam on old account and then login on new account

Legal or no?


Hello @Morii!

Playing on different accounts should not be a problem as it is you working through a ban that was ruled out, and transferring ‘‘tradable items’’ shouldn’t be a problem as well, it is not against ToS, which you could visit at:

Amazon Games ToS

If it is a matter of ‘‘fair play’’ you have worked your time to get those items, and it is under your consideration what to do with them, so it is not a breach of any type.

You can also see our Code of Conduct here:

Amazon Games Code of Conduct

It is nice to see that you got your account back.

I hope you have fun in Arkesia!