Is it cheaper to craft basic oreha fusion material instead of buying?

Seems buying it from auction house is a lot cheaper than crafting it? Am I missing something or is my stronghold level low?

Craft x30 = 904 gold
-Oreha Thick Meat=200gold
-Tough letter=120 gold
-Thick Raw meat = 386 gold
-Crafting cost = 198 gold

Buy x30 = 270 gold

are you sure you doing the counting correct? how the fuck is mats so expensive on your server if you are right? :joy: 200g for 10 oreha thick meat meanwhile its 26g for me

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try fishing


just go fish in any of the T3 area’s

Craft x30 = 271
-Oreha Thick Meat = 20gold
-Tough letter = 12 gold
-Thick Raw meat = 41 gold
-Crafting cost = 198 gold

Buy x30 = 270 gold

Ohhhh some stuff are per 10 and other is per 100. So looks like based on my stronghold level its the nearly the same cost

Oh I see. Never tried fishing before. I see how that goes.

I get enough materials for at least 3x crafts doing the fishing guild quest (35 catches) this is with the lvl 30 net fishing.
Doesn’t seem to matter if I fish in south vern or punika the result is always the same.

Thats hella Cheap.

It never dropped below 10g per Oreha for our Servers, right now im selling them for 13g/ea.

Less then 10g it starts to get less worth.

But just farm the mats urself its Cheaper, and Oreha sells better then Mats anyway.

On my server, enviska, hunting mats are always much more expensive for making 1 batch of basic Oreha fusion than the cheapest recipe which is fishing.

Probably because for life energy spent, hunting takes longer than fishing, especially with passive that allows use of net.

Sp when calculating craft v buy cost, I always use fish recipe - and since launch it has always been cheaper to craft vs buy. Even if every single mat is purchased (10 blue fish, 40 pearls, 80 white fish) for one batch, it’s always been cheaper on my server to buy all mats and craft vs buy same batch of premade 30 fusions.

Sometimes the difference is fairly small, like barely 1g per fusion difference, so about 30g saved, but usually at least 60g per batch saved.

The difference isn’t huge though, if lazy it isn’t that much more to just buy them, especially since sometimes you only need a few more to make one more honing attempt and easier to buy 5 fusions than craft whole batch.

I’d just recommend always crafting though, the savings adds up the more you hone.

If you craft it you should do it in the farm tab for materials from the stronghold farm harvest.

On EUC it seems might as well just buy the tradeable instead of using materials you could also have just sold.

On EUC you can buy 300 for 3k-3.3k.
Crafting 300 is 2k gold.

Go fishing, it’s easy, you got plenty of fishing mats. Hunting is boring and long, not worth it.

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Why is Oreha Thick Meat 300g? It sells in stacks of 10 not stacks of 1

Check price using fishing materials, due to bots it should be cheapest. Bots do a lot of fishing.

After that, check stronghold tab in crafting. It’s a bit cheaper, but you are limited to stronghold materials. Those fusion materials can usually be crafted for tiny profit, so yes it should be cheaper as for profit, you need a margin for tax.(I think most primary craft for XP, the profit seems really weak)

If buying from the AH was cheaper, why would people be making it to sell on the AH?

Yes, crafting is cheaper using fishing mats.

Fishing definitely the cheaper way to go. Also keep in mind with Stronghold upgrades you can knock off the cost a little too, plus Great Success chance that will double a stack.

Pictures say more then Words or something

I switched my stronghold farm slots to relics and now I get 90x oreha fusion mats for 585 gold daily but they are untradable.

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Crafting is always cheaper for me since i gather my own ingredients or like other people said farm it on my SH :slight_smile:


That pheon… :face_holding_back_tears:

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It depends. The fishing recipes are the cheapest way thanks to bots but the market occasionally is selling for less than it costs due to a mix of people failing at math, not understanding Lost Ark’s taxes, or seeing it as a cheap option to level their stronghold.