Is it Glaivier a class for PVP?

I mean while the others class have so many Super Armor and kinda Esier way to perform the CC skill or dmg, the Glaivier only have 1 super armor come from the wheel of blades, and can be cancel by the CC, the biggest dmg come from the Red Dragon Horn, which need a very hard conditions to make it work. If some classes else don’t have good super armor, they will have high mobility skills, so my question is, will we have some buff for glaivier the next couple updates ? or it will keep be useless like this, i mean when u join a 3v3 battle with the enemies like 2 DB + 1 Destroyer or Berserker, wat exactly we can do ? Becuz they are fighting under super armor most of the time, and if u manage to jump in, they will just ignore ur skill and knock u out, then kill u ez, some ppl said that u have to wait for the time to join the fight so wat if they just aim for u becuz THEY KNOW U DON’T HAVE ANY SUPER ARMOR ? The glaivier not really have high mobility to compare with the others classes, and also the most important thing is, her only active CC, come from his mobility skill, which very hard to make it hit, also if that hit, it’s mean u have no escape skill anymore. As a man who love this class, i think we actually need to have some balance about this PvP. Ppl said that if a class strong in PvP, they suck in PvE, is it real ? DB suck in PvE ? Sor suck in PvE, nahh i don’t think so, LA is a good game, but the difference between every class are so huge, no idea why the creators created this class so weak. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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sorry to say but i cant agree with alot of what youre saying lance master i would say is a pretty solid class for pvp it has good mobility i dont know why youre saying it doesnt, its pretty good in dmg/mobility and ability to cc and survive you just gotta utilise its kit well. Counter skill if used right can be a game changer the ult is versatile you can use its full duration for decent damage or insta cast for a dash in with a cc or disengage if youre stuck.

lance masters arent the only ones with one actual super armour theres a bunch of classes in the exact same situation you just gotta know when to use it as well as good use of your spacebar skills if youre struggling with classes with super armour the best way to deal with them is to stun them with either your kick or your counter. (the counter is also a super armour fyi so there is two)

I think your problem maybe due to your play style or familarity with the class if not it may be knowledge on the classes youre facing just keep at it and youll get there it might be a good idea to watch peoples gameplay on pvp for your class to so you can pick up a thing or two or how to adjust your gameplay to perform better

She doesnt need SA. Her kit is fine and she is in q good position.

At least it has 1 t2 super armour, 1 counterattack, and if you are desperate, try that SA on dragon slash.

Play some wardancer and tell me how glavier is lacking SA.

DB main Grinning at this post …
Thinks of all the time a cocky Laimier think they can step up…

Think a lot of Laimiers just think cause they got a little bamboo stick they are suppose to be able to jump in all gunz blazing, and hard engage instead of being patient wait for that opportune time to jump in and interupt classes with fatal combo setups

play a hard engage class bud .

A good Lance Master is able to disrupt the other team positionning effort in the Arena. You’re a peel master in PVP once u mastered it.

What barely legible drivel is this lol… English please.

I dont think someone playing db can really throw stones nor names at other classes.

try sharpshooter and compare with Glavier.
come back and tell me your experience :smiley:
the only reason I am still playing sharpshooter is because of the challenge.
we have NO SA. the skills we have some SA are to close or space the gap but has no damage at all. the skills that deals damage has no protection or enough range
even the fkn wind can interrupt our skills.
as sharpshooter I can tell you u are going to uninstall the game after playing it OR if you like a good challenge, then you might like sharpshooter.
I will tell you in advance… ALL our DPS skills are locked on long animations, so you will lose most of the exchanges, even a bard can get you easily, we have no insta cast skill, most of our skill will go on CD even tho they doest show being used, while other classes rarely happens. but fear not, if the other team are lazy or dont pay attention to you at all, you might be able to land some hits.

this is the thing lots of people dont play classes how they are suppose to in 3v3 pvp … some classes are more suitable n better in 1v1 some not some can do both, some have counter classes some in the right hands will give the counter class a hard time when played in the right hands…

in 3v3 no way should a long range class feel the need to be up close and personal, shooter classes to IMHO should stay at the back as much as possible keep ur eyes crossed eyed n watch enemy HP while your other eye watch to see if the CC class jumping in to cc n u just pick of from the back like the sneaky ass u are…

I see too many gun class even some sorc jumping in close range not staying back letting the melee’s do they thing… yea you wana get kills too you want that nice feeling seeing the kll count, but kill count aint giving u a win all the time… On my DB its insta murder anytime i come up and see a sorc hanging close with the melee classes, Like Negi they be in my range…

Think about it, a good bard that keeping the team alive dishing out interupts etc will come out with 1 kill lucky if they get in 2, from picking off someone while the DB or the serk out here racking up 4 5 6 killz after…

TLDR know where you class suppose to be in a 3v3 pvp… You dont have hard shield (super armors) but i bet you have tons of stuns n interupits, oh they are all close range cc ok thats cause are to protect yourself, cc and reposition from the melee that decides to come for u

npe. we dont hape interruption skills.
like I said, we have no SA, our skills are locked on long animations, no instant skills.
we dont have reliable stun for 3v3 since the 2 skills that could provide that are on long prep to be done. arrow have to hit 3 times same person to stun. the mine has a delay of 1/2 second and if people jump in with SA the mine wont even trigger.
Glavier is a class that has high skill ceiling, because her kit IS balanced. she has lots of CC, quick skills, great damage. like any fighter class, its all about the combo. while SS is all about positioning, but in terms of positioning its much easier to get messed up because assassins and fighters has a lot of gap skills. anyway. in general they still need to balance a lot of things for PVP. classes like Sorc, Zerker, DB and SH, Artillerist they are broken mate.
ppl say artillerist its easy to get done if you know they combo. wrong, they can wreck you if you are careless, and guess what, at one point you will be careless and their ability to land a lot of DPS in a short time is very broken IMO and the CD is not even that long compared to SS.

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Really? Even sharpshooter is asking for SA now?
First thing first, you do have a t2 SA on your flip shot right? Did you realise having 1 T2 SA is like the average already, there’re melee classes with 0 T2 SA.

Secondly, you have stealth, ranged nuke plus one of the best eletricute in game, can u imagine how OP it will be if sharpshooter gets another T2 SA and starts to exchange super armour with melee classes in close range? You might as well delete wardancer/striker/glavier.

Sometimes people just don’t get the difference of being melee and ranged. As ranged you can nuke in a secured spot. But melee, is doing their entire combo fully opened at the frontline, of cuz we need a T1 SA on furious spinning kick, otherwise wardancer/striker wouldn’t be able to use it.

I guess sharps want to be as cool as gunslingers

its not true, since the skill is bugged and does not offer full SA. the SA only apply do the jump, mid path can be stopped.

3 seconds with a long delay, gives nothing over small chance of survival AND does not to help team mates,also is easy to predict.

where did you get that from? nuke artillerists, Sorc, DB, SH have, even Zerker has greater damage with lots of SA. all of those classes can hit easily 30k+ in a few skills with way less CD and faster to be casted than SS ‘‘ranged nuke’’. the skill you say ‘‘ranged nuke’’ deals around 28k on CRITS, around 14-18k non crit. is on long holding type, 30 seconds CD and has no SA at all.
I always watch up over damages, Ive been doing this for more than 660 matches, so i know what i am talking about.

as if Sharpshooter is ranged, at best mid range. every single ranged skill in the game can outrange all of ‘‘ranged’’ skills from SS without even use dash to get a bit closer.

we have no insta skill that hurts, best dps skills are on charge/hold type, all skills are locked on long animations, no sustain, long dash CD(8 sec) and so on.

do you even play Sharpshooter? you know nothing about the class.

IF the class was really that balanced you wouldnt see only 2 of them in the ranks.

everyone that REALLY plays the SS knows the class NEEDS improvements.

I got Diamond with glaivier. It’s a tough class to play. You gotta be fast and reactive, you need to know how to bait out your opponents and you need to know pretty much everything about the other classes in order to spot when they make a mistake that allows you to go in. If you get all that down, it has a kit that allows you to act on your opponent’s mistakes. If you don’t have that knowledge … well, it’s definitely not a beginner friendly class, I’ll say that.