Is it just me or anybody else thinks this is the greatest game ever existed?

You can look hot without even spending a cent, just sell stuff on the AH and buy skins

And you don’t even need to install mods just to make yourself look good

And the game has near unlimited story content and classes to play.

And you get to look like a Super Model in the Matrix.

And it isn’t subjected to western SJW norms.

And it satisfies every known coomer from every walk of life.

We complain a lot around here but sometimes we need to show gratitude to the devs for all the hard work they put into making this game possible something that would never exist if it were up to western devs.


what? this is literally the most sjw localization in history.


whats sjw?

pallet changing, censoring etc.

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ofc you say its the greatest game ever existed, you asked a lot of newbie questions so your probably around 20-30h deep, at this stage everything is cool

That’s what most people here felt at release but that time is over

about 350 hours thus far am at the last part of the story.

Thats more hours than I ever got out of a $60 USD game on steam LMAO and this cost me nothing lol

Social justice warriors, aka woke people, aka racist/sexist people with hero complex.


cause most steam/60$ games arent made for 300h playtime lmao what a compare

yeah but most games made for thousands of hours doesn’t even have such amazing story content, continents and islands etc.

You can’t compare DOTA, League of Legends, Valorant or CS GO to this so Lost Ark is in a class of it’s own. And the story is pretty good in this game even tho many falsely claimed otherwise (To be fair they might have been referring to the side quests press GGGGGGG to continue) which kinda makes up for it when you see that hot super model ass move when carrying a box above her head.

Come back later.


Have you even been in the endgame yet? xD

Kinda hard to reach end game playing with 1 hand especially with my gun slinger girl wearing high heels and leggings scrunched right up the crotch

If their screenshots are anything to go by they’re in Yorn, so not into Tier 2yet.

Well, at least you’re being obvious with your trolling. +1 for that.

Only you! at least our SPECIAL version is SHIT!

Ur down more bad than my english vocabulary is able to describe

Don’t blame me for the impressive crotch details in this game. That’s all on the devs

Yes, look at all those bots expressing themselves in ur chat box.

Jokes aside lost ark is truly a brilliant game especially for a f2p title.

Shame about what’s happening to the west version becaues it has far more potential than what it’s currently like.

you have 300k supporters behind you