Is it just me or does reaper feel pretty weak?

I have a 1500 hunger reaper with a +22 weapon, 5x3, level 7 gems, and all 4+5 tripods. The class does NOT feel good in the damage department. I understand that it is a high mobility class but the tradeoff doesn’t feel good. My friends spectate me when playing and often ask if I’m missing anything in my kit and I’m not. I’ve mess around a lot in Trixion and haven’t been able to find a better build.

Does anybody have any suggestions to make the class better or does it simply need a buff?


Hunger is weak rn so its getting a bigf. Lunar is average or maybe slightly below and its not getting a buff. If i play my reaper perfectly im getting upright fight sometimes. Its kust a class thing.

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Yeah… my issue is in that when I’m in situations where I need to clutch up, I just don’t put out the damage to do so. I’m mainly using clown as an example. I’ve cleared it many times now on many different classes and reaper is the weakest of the bunch. My main being an RE Deathblade.


It’s weaker than most classes but not the weakest.

If you are comparing to the S tier classes or even the A tier classses they are going to fall behind. Lunar is a little better off than Hunger but not by enough to pick one over the other for that reason.

I will note they do get a little better in flow once you get higher level cd gems and tripods as it cleans up the rotation a bit but they are still pretty rough.


Im not trying to compare as much as I am trying to feel like I’m actually contributing on reaper. I’ve ran clown on reaper since early in its release and if there isn’t a high damage class on the team, we aren’t clearing. Just can’t DPS fast enough. RE is supposed to be “off meta” and lower damage than Surge, yet at the same ilvl I was doing 1.5 mil DPS more than my reaper. That’s a lot.

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Keep in mind that alot of us are comparing our 4 tripod reapers to a full 5 tripod alt because we took advantage of the update.

The gap closes a bit more with tripods and reapers are one of the classes who are getting buffs, so there’s that too.

There really is no denying that they are on the lower middle end in terms of damage but it’s not bad enough that you shouldn’t be able to clear. I’m starting to get alot of my level 5 tripods on my reaper and the gap is closing a bit. I still can’t beat the sorcs/strikers/summoners of course but I’m finding I can at least do 4.5 mil on a good pull on brel gate 1 post merge which is kinda my baseline for not shit.


reaper is not that weak to the point where you cant clear because of its damage output, that has to be on you struggling to pilot the class, it is only “weak” once you start comparing it to similar back attack classes in their competitiveness of getting damage mvp on equal gear and at that point it also isnt that weak that you cant mvp even if you play significantly better, its just weaker by numbers than most of them by a small margin

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The one thing reaper is good at is keeping up time even when solo the ability to dash through the boss more than once is huge.

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Small margin is copium.

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Let me put it this way. I cannot put my reaper like I can with my other classes in clown unless there is another major DPS in the party. The class simply does not do enough damage being 25 ilvl’s above required ilvl to push the boss fast enough. I can do it with every other class that I play at the same ilvl. Destroyer, DB, reflux sorc, dead eye, GS, glaiver.

If you have a reaper that is similar ilvl I would love to see your results.

I do have some key lvl 5 tripods. My rage spear is level 5. My dash is level 5. And one other red is five. Everything else is 4. I have messed around in Trixion with the tripods and it still definitely helps a bit.


my reaper is far too overgeared nowadays to make comparisons like that unfortunately but i remember from when the class came out and i played on item level for clown and brel i wasnt that damage starved myself, i will not disagree that the class is not really in a position to be competitive with alot of other classes in terms of damage but it does not deal less damage than a gunslinger on comparable gear unless you have low uptime on back attack which to be fair with hunger is not that easy to have especially if you are high swift

I mean you know that in the game there is a class design, right? That being said, for example igniter, is literally made to be the best DPS class. Reapers tools has to slow down a bit reapers burst.

But, if you manage the rotations close to perfection, you‘ll get there.

And I bet all the people who cry zdps-reaper, can’t make 60 seconds run in trixion without messing up the rota.

Hunger and lunar are getting a buff… but the buffs are a joke imo… they should add 7-10% more dmg to the red skills and not 1,5% and 3% lul…
Hunger deals not good dmg but rly high stagger… I get a lot of stagger “MVP”.
Lunar deals low dmg imo… for that what you are doing…

I have both setups hunger and lunar. Atm I try new lunar builds like desporless and maybe also moonstriker but still… Sure I dont have every lvl5 tripod bc the drop rate is cringe, hitting the upg is also yikes and in AH the tripods cost like 8+k lol… so I stay at 4/5… but still.

I deal way more dmg on my 4 spender Wardancer (1525) lol and shes like 20 ilvl below with a 14 weapon.
My reaper is 1545 with a 17 weapon…

entropy wardancer is basically the highest dps class right now so yea its probably gonna outdps reaper even on seemingly way worse gear

Thats true but the dmg is only high if you can hit the back with your combo… and thats not that easy for class with just a spacebar for mobility. D:

For hunger reaper I don’t think the class needs to have any reworks done, the kit has a perfect balance of fun and difficulty.

However the DPS is extremely average when you play well, and just depressing when you don’t. Your attacks don’t feel like they have much oomph in general and you are squishier than a bard without heavy armor (and you’re melee and entropy!)
I nearly deleted her from my account, even though she’s 1460.

I heard upon release in KR the class was completely broken so they nerfed it to the ground… I think they should split the difference in power so that you actually get rewarded for playing well, but not buffed back to a completely overpowered state

I thought they reverted the buffs…

I’ve practiced the rotation quite a bit and know it well but thanks for the assumption.