Is it just me or names got bigger?

Hi, is it just me or after the patch npc and player names got bigger? i tried adjusting hud and buffs in settings but nothing seems to affect nameplates they are just big any suggestion? any setting i am missing?

Hey there @gabrjel90.

The most recent update did include some type font changes that affected, among other things, character names and titles, this is the same font as in the Korean version of the game however the team is investigating if it was intended for us to receive this change:

Update: This issue, among others, will be adressed on a hotfix tonight:


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Thanks for the info I mean paired with a setting or with hud scaling would be awesome

Players who play in high resolution 4k, this font was good at this size, is there a possibility to put an option to keep the size?


Hello @rodrigocardia welcome back!

We can’t tell if it will be an option or not since we are not even sure if the change was intended as @Fanduh mentioned.

I do encourage to leave feedback about it if you wish to do it! Here is the link:

Have a great adventure :shield: :crossed_swords: !

the font size was good, it was finally visible