Is it me Deskaluda takes abit longer to kill now?

Usually an on ilvl 1415 group of 4 takes average 4-5 mins to clear but recently it takes at least 5-6m to clear idk if it just me or everyone missing their skills or running heavy armor engraving for their dps

It makes sense to me. Those recent powerpassed 1370 are probably hitting 1415.

I know my alt striker just hit 1415 and man their gear is expensive.

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shit thats such a big difference im SHOCKED.

I will need to consult with mathematic experts on how this came to be and how this is even remotely possible that what once took 4-5 mins is now 5-6 mins.

ill get back to you.

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Probably undergeared 1415s due to the powerpass /shrug

1415 is the new 1340

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Pheon are hella expensive so people often don’t properly gear their alts

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they grow gear up fast!

Deskaluda used to be smooth because when it came out people had 4x3 engravings and 1430+ item level on their main but now people hit 1415 with their alts and all they have is 3x3 engravings + legendary accessories that are giving much less stats than relic making deskaluda runs much slower.

Build esoteric don’t go deathblow and it will be cheap