Is it me or are chaos dungeons rewarding less?

So, I just got to T3, Did my first set of chaos dungeons for T3 yesterday, and I noticed something, I received very little in rewards from both dungeons, a total of 18 items (accessories, twilight pieces, stones) and I didnt count the guardian/destruction bc I hadnt expected nor noticed this yet. I was surprised at how little I had gotten in comparrison to previous, where 2 runs would give me a ton of gear and such.

Fast forward a few hours and I did the 600 ilvl on my shadowhunter to get the 802 gear… I didnt get the full set of 802 and again felt like i received a lot less then previous in my runs. My question is, was there some sort of ninja nerf to drops or is this really just RNG but on a much more noticable level for me than normal?

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I get this impression too. To me the first 2 weeks of the game we got alot more drops.

if you play berserker you get less reward.


I feel like it’s just more noticeable when you start raising alts.

Islands are just a huge dump of resources for your first character on top of their Chaos and Guardian runs that you feel like you’re getting a ton of materials.

only playing zerker bc they havent realeased the class I actually want to main…

Generally at t3, you get less of everything in chaos. It’s “mainly” for silver, most of the materials you use you will get from weekly vendors (pirate coin exchange, grand prix event etc).

For gear, that is just RNG tbh. I think similar amounts of gear drop across all tiers. but the honing materials themselves are definitely less in T3 compared to other tiers.

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its not materials (guardian and destrucion) that im refering to here, i didnt track those, I mean like ability stones and armor drops just feel much less, but again I admit it could be just bad RNG day, I havent actually like tracked the amount per day, yet.

yes that why you are punished, the game think you are a bot


LOL fair

i’ve seen some veterans of lost ark comparing the loot of our t3 chaos dungeon to korea/russia and yes it gives way less mats

I got 3 leapstones from 2 chaos dungeons after getting t3 wtf

Chaos Dungeon loot is random, some times you get more some times you get less.