Is it me or did items in Mari's shop get crazy expensive?

I have not bought from the shop in awhile since I have been using all my gold for honing. Looked at it today and saw items for over 300 blue crystals!!! Was this the adjustment they were talking about? Before the expensive things were like 150 ish.

They increased the quantity of the items you could buy and adjusted the pricing accordingly. For example, previously you could buy 10 honor leapstones for 20 crystals. Now you can buy 20 honor leapstones for 40 crystals.



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So now we kind of buy in bulk. It does force us to buy more crystals though which means more gold :frowning:. The one thing I am short on lol.

It’s kind of a double edged sword. The increased quantities (buying in bulk) helps new players as they can use Mari to get more materials quickly but it becomes more expensive for people that would rather buy in smaller quantities :frowning:

In Korea the bundles are actually way bigger (you can buy 300 honor leapstones as a single bundle for example) and they actually help a lot for someone new to the game to catch up. I suppose the difference is that in Korea Mari’s shop isn’t really worth using for established players because materials on the AH are so cheap. Right now we’re in sort of a limbo where our materials aren’t quite that cheap on the AH but our bundles in Mari are getting bigger at the same time.