Is it ok that a power outage at phase 3 Argos makes you unable to even enter again and lose rewards?

I know that you can enter again with the same party. However, in a pug, if the rest of the group clears the raid while you got DCd because your whole city lost power you’re screwed out of gold, mats etc.

How is this good game design? Why cant I enter the raid with another group and even clear all the prior phases again so I can get the rewards? The pug group just cleared while my power was off and took the rewards.

Why does the game count this as my entry being consumed when I didnt collect anything, and even wasted resources and time to get screwed over by backwards game design?

Can anything be done about this? @Roxx


It’s IRL stuff happening.
I’m afraid nobody can do anything.
Maybe you could ask your mayor about this.
Does this really needs a thread ? Also, asking a CM to do things about your personal problems, in game feedback ?

I mean, if it goes wrong in any party, you would just have to disconnect if you think it stinks or you get mad and after, you would have a ticket to go again if they made it without you ? For real ? It would open an opportunity to more toxic behavior from my point of view.

you must live near me. I just got power back 2 hours ago in my neighborhood. was a hot night last night.

People would grief by leaving if it wasn’t going their way sadly

“It would open an opportunity to more toxic behavior from my point of view.”

You could have just said that without the toxic bits… doesn’t help your point of view…

I mean, this forum is meant for the CMs to point what’s wrong at the AGS “devs” (?) and maybe Smilegate. There are tons of nonsense threads in this specific forum which is “Game Feedback” so yeah I’m sorry, I’m a bit pissed.

It’s like I did read “My dog ate my homework, give me another day right now !”

I happened to lose some chaos due to DCs, it’s IRL stuff, none of the team’s concern, it was my connection AND it’s the case here too (blackout).

Im actually shocked at how many people defend the way this is designed. Haven’t you guys played other MMO’s where you claim loot when you actually clear the raid? How does being DCd through no fault of your own void your chance to claim the loot if you just want to go in again and clear all the phases from the start?

What’s the problem with changing the system to allow players that DCd to just start over from phase 1 with another party? Where is everyone seeing toxicity in criticizing design of the game? There are other MMOs where this loot issue is not a problem.