Is it okay to move gold from server to another server in the same region?

I want to ask because I was playing on the Kharmine server when I eventually moved to Azena server to play with more friends. I know there are rules against RMT but I am farming gold on both accounts through weeklies and raids. If let say I need gold on my Azena server, can I use the market/auction house to move gold from Kharmine server to Azena server?

You are alowed to have multiple rosters but it is not alowed to have those rosters interact through ah… i doubt they will enforce this tho unless its huge amonts of gold but they can ban you for it…

dont quote me in this but this is what is my findings (as far as I can tell its okay but don’t exploit it for other purposes)

It is just so ambiguous that I am not sure if I will get banned for putting my time into two accounts. Last thing I want to do is to pour thousands of hours into two different servers and then get banned.


No. It is not ok to do this.

While in the past players may have been able to get away with this the odds are extremely high that you will be banned for this now.

Hello @Kaisadino and thank you all for your input,

Thank you for your question regarding moving gold between servers. Just wanted to provide an official answer since you have received two possibilities… As @Bluecogs mentioned and correctly quoted from an alternate post, the Auction House is not intended for moving gold between servers and you may very well be penalized if you are found to be using it for that means. This goes for any other option that moves currencies between servers, given the game does not have any actually approved way to do so at present.

Hope that clarifies this for you and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: