Is it possible for Hyper Express event to be extended for a week please?

One of my friend started this game recently and she just got to 1425, but due to the lack of materials and some bad lucks on honing she needs more time and gold to get to 1445.

I’m on different server(Na east/ she’s on Na west) so I can’t support her with any materials.

I was just hoping if it’s just possible for it to make it work…

She is a light player close to f2p.

It is, in fact, the Ark Pass that is expiring, not the Hyper Express event. The patch notes have incorrectly stated which event is ending. The Hyper Express event doesn’t end until Feb 8, although today, Jan. 17 (Jan. 18 before maintenance) is the last day to designate or change which character should receive the rewards in the Express event.

Hopefully a mod or CM can clarify this matter for everyone soon. @Roxx


they already have

Exactly this. If you check in-game the HyperExpress it explicitly says that it only allows you to claim it with a character until Jan 18th, but the rewards are available until Feb 8th.


Thank you so much, she was about to spend 60dollars before I told her this! Thank you for the info

I mean she would have done it anyways for the skins :stuck_out_tongue: