Is it possible to avoid matchups with a specific player?

I just randomly decided to try 3v3 team death match today (since I had some extra time) and I got matched several times within 5 matches against a specific player. This player uses team queue (3 person team) so they already have a strong advantage vs 3 randoms. To make things worse, this particular player is 100% immune to all push and CC effects. I even used a stunning attack on him as he was attacking a teammate (not awakening) and it said “immune” (he was not previously CC’d either). He constantly ignores all my push effects and cannot be staggered whatsoever.

I already reported this player based on the footage I collected but in the meantime I wish to not match up against this player ever again. I do not want to play with cheaters, and if they can’t be banned (if my evidence is not sufficient) then I would just like to not match with them at all. I will not reveal the identity of this player here.

Edit: I am okay with losing if the game is fair, e.g. they stun me, I stun them, and their party has better teamwork. That’s of course a skill issue and I accept I’m not that good. But outright being push/CC immune 100% of the time is plain unfair and not a skill issue.

Also, I want to note that this player in question is the only player I have encountered of that class that is 100% immune. So something is off if it’s not the class but rather the player’s character that’s immune.

Tenacity tripods, shields, dodges? He may be just skilled.

Tenacity tripods only provide push immunity and are not available on every skill.

Dodges have a cooldown and the immunity is not applied if actively attacking.

Shields normally do not provide any immunity whatsoever (some shields do but are class-specific) unless he found a way to bug engravings into arena mode. The class in question doesn’t produce shields.

Skilled is unlikely as he seems to be the only one immune to everything for his class. I can’t imagine other top players not doing what he’s doing if it was possible normally.

Maybe his support is making him immune… What were the other two classes in his team?

Best advice is to avoid pvp at all costs in this game it’s so broken and unbalanced and should be removed!

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What class is he playing? Good players and some classes have plenty of ways to avoid CC.

Also what are you playing? Regular stagger can be countered by EVERY skill in the game, even auto-attacks. Only hard staggers like gunslinger ones do break through AA’s and abilitys

They had a Bard, but the buff is only one-time immunity right? They plowed right into my groups base and it didn’t seem like we only hit him with one debuff. The class of the player in question is zerker.

Anyways, the point of this thread was to discuss if it’s possible to ban certain matchup with a specific player. I don’t want to match them ever again, on my team nor opponent’s team.

Edit: I don’t mind zerkers, just that ONE specific player.

The question for me is:

did you hit him always in an anymation or perhaps also as he did nothing than running/jumping

as long as i know there are only 3 tripods and Y spell + ult which makes him immune to some CC

also did you try to freeze him ?
i mean which “immunity” was it from your spell perspective
there are 3 grades of diffrent “Immunities” in the game
perhaps you had DR on a specific “Stun”
so it hardly depends which spell you use while the opponent uses a specific spell
also if you use too many of the same type you have a deminishing return

same counts for your teammate, you all 3 uses the same CC Grade , someone got a 3 secs imunity of that said thing

means it could be your team combo aswell , if all have the same type of spell like, all have freeze and uses at the same times ( or in a short time frame) the opponent get immune. same for pushes , or kicks/stun .
you have to use diffrent spells asa combo, like first a freeze, then a stun and after that a pushback

while you did that combo, noone else should do a just used layer of CC .
also , freeze deminishing return is almost gone ( really good player know exactly how to play around and know exactly which classes uses what and when)

to avoid players, ( i only do that normally for chat toxicity) i just set them on ignore. cant remember i had to play again against that ( works not for Coop)

but in the end , change gamemode or timeframe when you do pvp

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This is likely what I will need to do. Since I think they are on my server, I can try to see if anyone I know is in their guild to ask if they are queuing PVP (and simply not queue if they are). I wish blocking players prevented matchmaking with them in unranked PVP (I can understand ranked PVP could be an issue).

You can only learn pvp if you play vs more skilled players. If that berserker is a diamond+ player more than likely knows you skill set and can counter most ofvyour attacks.

Bards shields provide hard cc immunity. While there are classes kinda op pvp is far from broken. Problem is pvp is so hard in this game that players resort to saying pvp sucks than getting better at is. Another problem would be your ping, with high ping you shouldn’t play arena or play very op classes. I have 3000+ hours on my gunslinger and even to this day i have moments where i fuck up nig time. I am on my way to master tho :grin:

Same as Berserkers on Mayhem have insane move speed and attack speed and i belive its like 160% not 140%
And yes i do know they have spirit absorbtion but i see cases like this in 3v3 arena also
Tooday i had a wardancer in enemy team who was literally immune to every cc only cc that worked on him was knock up
I was using my gattling gun on my artilerist - nothing happend i stun him nothing happend
I feel like some players craked something in the game and they are literally ABUSING the shit out of it
Not even mentioning Destroyer players that should burn in hell for playing this in 3v3 arena…

I see, so there are more reports of players being cc-immune. I also play artillerist and I know that the Gatling gun can be attacked through with certain skills since it’s a soft paralysis. But straight up ignoring swing (stun) or some other effects from other players is what this thread is about. Again, this thread is about how to avoid matches against these players rather than how to play PVP.

I know how PVP works in this game and have played over 200 matches since the game launched. I generally stay away from it now as there are some players that cannot be dealt with. And it’s not a skill issue since I would imagine many others of the same class would use whatever technique to avoid getting cc effects.

I’m not very good but good enough to know something is off when my character’s skills don’t work on certain players (but do work on all other players of the same class).

i dont want to devalue your 200 games

but i know alot of people play that 200 games per week
im pretty sure they know exactly how to avoid CC and how to make themself immun that second you use your skill
cause skilled good players can read your playstyle before you even used your spell

forecasting is one of the key points in arena here in lost ark

if you know what your enemy will do next gives you a big opportunity… with 200 games you wont even close to know what class is doing what in the next second

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True. All it takes is to play every class to know their exact combos, and then its just a matter of countering them.

Thats why i dont play pvp - its pretty one-dimensional. My main, deathblade, has 1 exact combo which has to be executed at correct time and position, and its pretty easily counterable (yes i know its still one of the strongest clsses and i know that im just bad, but still, noone can deny the one dimensionality of pvp)

It almost boils down to rock paper scissors, only there s just scissors and rocks.

Or paper and scissors.

You get the point.

By the same logic chess is also very one-dimensional because every master player counters the other player. Jeez!

Lol this brings me back to my MortalKombat Trilogy days :slight_smile: when i was playing with some less skilled players they would go "hey man why you jump when i jump and hit me first? " :slight_smile:

Deathblade is indeed one-dimensional, she one-dimensional fucks you in the a with her instant stun “i roll throw every cc you have style”.

Yeah, well, feel free to try her and let me know if you stick to your opinion

no it’s not possible, I suggest you take a break & queue again after.

I will never play her as her kit is to easy to op, the skill ceiling is to low, i prefer my gunslinger.