Is it possible to buy Founder Packs after the game has been released?

… or will the offer disappear once the game is released?

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I hope so too.

I also hope that there will be an official answer. Couldnt find any info about it in the FAQs. I think more ppl wanna know.

I believe I read somewhere on the LA website that you will no longer be able to buy the founders packs once the game is released but I can’t seem to find that answer on it now.

I believe as time goes by this question will be one for your FAQs on :slight_smile: @Roxx

Kind regards <3

You will be able to purchase Founder’s Packs up until the game launches in early 2022. Founder’s Packs will not be available after the game is live


Thank you so much for clarification <3

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You are most welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I might be wrong but Amazon did not confirm if the avatars (mounts, pets) will be founders pack exclusive. Is that why you asked? So even if we have founders packs are sold only until the game launches, the avatars will most likely be available later on in the in-game shop later.

I asked coz some of my friends thought about buying Founder Packs after release. I was basically asking for a friend.^^
It wasnt about the avatars (mounts, pets). It was about the thought of gifting a founder Pack to friends later that year due to upcoming birthdays in May and June.
But thats off the table now and I think it will be additional Christmas presents. :slight_smile:

u can gift stuff on steam for certain dates, u could of bought the founders and set the date as their bday and thats when they would of got it

pretty shit i was sick since 6month , didn’t know that i’m going to play or had a chance to buy it. very dissapointed…

You can buy the skins in the market for gold, although they are very expensive.