Is it possible to change servers?

i’m new to the game, and i started playing without knowing that the servers were separate… so i innocently activated all my items on a wrong server, and my brothers and friends play on another server… it turns out i lost my things, I would like to know if I can transfer my items and character to another server. I played on the “vern” server and wanted to go to “gienah”.

Hello @raphael.chagas.102 and welcome to our forums!

My apologies about the confusion in-game. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have the option for character transfers so the character can not be moved to other server.

About the founder pack items you claimed, those items can not be moved to other regions or servers, however, we’ll be granting an extra set of items from the Founder pack to help all those players that wants to start fresh on a different server.

You can read all the information about the extra set and the items to be granted here: Lost Ark Team Update: Founder's Packs & Server Status

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!
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buenos dias , empezado mi personaje en server europa central zinnervale , active mi pack fundador con el beneficio cristalino pero literalmente me es imposible jugar desde el segundo dia con colas de mas de 10 mil jugador, habeis abierto europa oeste pero … no puedo migrar mi cuenta con mis objeto y en europa central seguimos con mas de 10 mil persona de cola, mas de 4 horas de cola lo que me es imposible estar esperando para jugar … cual es vuestra solucion ??? y no me digais tener paciencia que se va resolver, no estoy disfrutando ni del juego ni de los beneficios , solo consigo frustrarme por no poder acceder…