Is it possible to get back character deleted items?

I am an owner of the founders pack. I opened the pack and the one thing I was curious about was the complimentary skin pack that comes with the platinum founders addition.
Since this skin is special I wanted to see if you could move it to different characters in your roster for their respective skin. Once I figured out that it was possible to choice which character gets their skin, I left it on a character that I was planning to use the skin on. After several days have went by I didn’t put it back in the roster storage and completely forgot about it and then later deleted the character by mistake along with the complimentary skin pack.

Is there any way that I can reacquire the skin pack or is it gone forever?

Hey @KingRaid and Welcome to the Lost ark Forums.

Sorry for the late response on this one.

In case you haven’t, contact us via live chat, our staff there can restore your character with the founders skin.

Let me know how this ended please. :slight_smile: