Is it possible to get "Rage" rune?


In Lost Art ingame codex, it says I can get “Rage” rune from chaos gate.

However, is it possible to get the rune?
Anyone knows the drop rate?
or my account got bugged?

must be bugged…

Yup, i have it!

I supposed you wanted to know this. but i got that Rune long ago. early days of doing Gate. March/April somewhere. So my current number of Gate runs should NOT help, since i have never missed a day since in game feb 8. (have done them all)

I have it too , I got it from the South Vern Chaos gate , which I started doing last month:

It is possible, depends on rng and your luck, i got mine in 1 entry

dont expect or find the rune. It will drop :smiley:

I can confirm this. Don’t even think about it.

Asked my guild people and also googled alot.
Sounds like the drop rate is about 10% lol

Took me 8 months of every chaos gate. Its just shit RNG, sorry mate.

yup got it from punika chaos gate before south vern patch


I got another Chaos Gate achievement today!


and people talk like I skip the dungeon but I usually do not skip those lol

The rune dropped in one of the very first T3 chaos gates that I did and im not a player that runs these very regularly. Extremely lucky.

Ohh thanks!

So it dropped from the South Vern Gate, i knew it was long ago, but neither to be THAT Long ago, figures.

Mayheem Gate archievement was the easier one to complete, we were stuck on Punika as latest for two months? +/-

ps: still have 2 or 3 maps from there…

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