Is it possible to recover gear

I bought entropy shoulders and accidentally gear transferred and it got destroyed, was gear transferring other items before saving and transferring to the shoulders but messed up. Is there any way to recover the shoulders? 10 wings took forever to get.

Char: Chickentears
Server: Azena
Region: US East

Unfortunately it’s not possible to recover, you have to collect the wings again.

AGS won’t even recover your items when you get hacked and everything is gone, it’s just their rule/policy not to recover or refund

The only item I saw people getting back are the empty bottles to refill to get Mokoko seeds

thanks for insight

An official reply to a similar topic

Hello @uwu_Whiskey, :slight_smile:

Thank you sharing your concern related to restoring your accidentally transferred gear.

I’m sorry to say but such scenarios are completely irreversible from our end too.

Once the gears are transferred or dismantled, there is no way that action can be reversed back.

Better be careful from next time while dealing with such situations. Once again condolences from our end.

See you in Arkesia! :magic_wand: