Is it possible to trade the founders platinum mount?

I accidentally picked the wrong color for my plat mount, is it possible if a friend bought plat on his steam account, redeemed the goodies in-game on the same server as me (but not using them) can he then trade the mount to me?

So I will end up with the 2 x founders pet mount but in different colors.

I’m wondering if the Cerberus mount will be available later for purchase in the Cash shop. Might be your solution but I’m not certain

I highly doubt that would be the case since it’s stated it’s an exclusive platinum founders item. I just want to know before the 11th so i know if my friend should buy it or not

well it says “tradeable” on the right side when hover over it. it said that to me before i used mine

I’ve seen videos where the Cerberus mount says Tradeable. So it’s totally possible. There might even be some people selling the Cerberus mount on the Auction house

even the founders skin is tradeable with 3 times equip

Can you please share a video of that? :open_mouth:

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Thanks for sharing!

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