Is it SAFE to buy Busses or you get BAN?

Almost every single day u can read a post about bans!

I really need to buy argos busses because I can’t play with guild this week!

Am I safe to buy the gems from market?

Probably, as it’s less likely that someone needing to sell carries for gold is a RMTer. But who knows with AGS.

don’t buy/sell from/to rmters
it’s obvious when it’s a bot buying/selling

Buying argos busses is totally legal.
I buy them every week on my 1370 alts. Just care not to get scammed. I usually look for the ppl that have a bussing discord.

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If they banned every player that buy busses game would be left with no players, i wouldnt worry too much about it, its not ilegal neither.

@OneSky As this person says it’s legal and you wont get banned and just dont give gold until after argos p2. You will less likely get scammed, but there are people willing to do elaborate scams who knows. Just use at your own risk if you arent afraid of getting scammed for a some gold.

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:smiley: thanks!

Also if you see 4 or more people from the same server in a room it is most likely a scam.

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