Is it safe to trade gems through AH for the purposes of bussing?

It is quite common practice in other regions if players are on different servers within the region and they want to bus bosses they trade overpriced gems on AH because AH is region-wide. However because our region has RMT and bot problems and there are many anti-RMT measures in place. won’t I get flagged for ban if doing these gem trades?

That is a good question! I like to know too!

I would have to assume it’s a legitimate market transaction, provided your “Bus” run isn’t 100k lol.

Why do busses prefer a gem sale over just a direct mail of gold? You still take the 5% tax hit either way.

Can’t mail cross server.



good call :white_check_mark:

Yes CMs have stated it and I’m sure someone can link it. As long as gold isn’t being traded for IRL money it’s fine. Trading gold for in game services like bussing is acceptable

It’s possible you would get flagged for review. You shouldn’t be banned for it, as CMs have already confirmed that bussing is fine.

If you do get banned, you should have an easy appeal.

How do they know it’s legitimate bussing and not RMT?

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there is an invoice?

They can’t know for sure, just as they wouldn’t be able to detect you buying gold from a friend who isn’t botting. Most gold sellers they are targeting are using bots to generate an unreasonable amount of gold in a way that has negative implications on the game. They don’t care about you trading small amounts of gold with other real players.

Why don’t they implement a bussing feature so people can’t scam and no one is worried about this stuff?

Like set an amount of the gold earned upon full completion to go to the bus driver.

If it came down to it i’m pretty certain there are chat logs that could be pulled and character activity.

Has always worked fine for me. Never got banned. Although Argos/Valtan carries aren’t that much gold. 2-4k.

Yea sure they could see that you, for example, ran Argos with that person. However, trading gold for the sake of it doesn’t prove RMT either and since AG can’t seem to even build an automated detection system that can detect gold buyers with high accuracy I don’t think they will attempt something more obtuse like “validating that you bussed someone” on account of a few thousand gold being traded. If that was really their priority, we’re doomed.