Is it serious that you leave us more than 10 minutes waiting to match in PVP and if you didn't see the 30-second countdown to accept, you penalize us with 20 minutes? I don't believe you,apart of the penalties because the game keeps closing when it want

Sorry I’ve been playing in Russia for a long time and here but I’m new to pvp is it serious that u leave us more than 10 minutes waiting for a match and when i don’t accept the 30 second countdown you penalize us with 20 minutes, is this a joke?

¿Should i be looking the screen without doing anything for 15 minutes or more while you are pairing without being able to decide? why it is not the same with guardians or chaos dungeons? If I do not accept, I do not enter, why the penalty in PVP ? really?


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Lol i just got the same thing. Was working while waiting for the queue to pop and didn’t realise it had and didn’t click accept on time and now i have to wait for 20mins to queue again. Great game design.

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