Is it too late to get Helgaia?

Hi there! I’d like to ask you some advice about Helgaia pet. I tried to read some information on internet and, if i’m correct, i should be still in time to drop Helgaia chest. I had no problems with Saphia and the other mount; i whatched 8H on Twitch, and when i started i could clearly see the drop % remaing and what kind of drop it was. Now i can’t find someone that drop Helgaia, and even if i watched 4H streamers with drop enabled, i didn’t get any sort of drop. If someone can explain me something, it would really be appreciated.


I think you can’t get it through Twitch drops anymore, but if you like it a lot you can buy it in the store >^<

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Theyre supposedly running all the drops again soon because they didnt anticipate for the streamers to hit the different levels so fast.


Thx i hope they will! :smiley:

@Roxx @TrevzorFTW
Yeah they need to let streamers redo all tiers of these twitch drops.

Most especially the arkesia paper hat chest and the lola helgaia pet chest as those two seem to be only acquirable from “PlayLostArk” and “AmznGTom” streams which have been dead/inactive for awhile now.

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You should watch them when it was relevant then, hm ?

Some people could not because of work or school.

Tell me what is your point suppose to bring to this discussion other than be snarky and unconstructive?

Thanks for your input anyways though…


Not the brightest one, I see… well, simply put… drop ended, therefore you missed your chance.

And what ? Some people earn milions, some other dont… some people doesnt have to work, some other do, etc.

You are welcome.

Might want to look in the mirror kid.

I got all my drops however I see no reason to not give others that missed it a chance at them again other than being a douche.

Might want to keep your simpleton assumptions to yourself next time if you have nothing nice or constructive to say.

Bless your heart!

You should not attend forums if you can not emotionally handle other people.
It is not about being douche, dummy. It is about time-limited event - from which you are obviously not able to claim rewards if you miss the time.

Your plain message keeps me cold, unfortunately.

You should try following your own advice before doling it out to others.

Your posts were designed with one goal in mind and that was to be a douche and to piss in someone else’s cornflakes.

If you are going to post like an arse and can’t handle being replied to in kind then maybe don’t post yourself.

That said I wont respond to your trolling anymore so yet again and for the last time, Bless your little Heart!

And indeed the time should be till 1 March to drop from Lost Ark event, that’s why i was asking :slight_smile:

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The drop end date is March 1st… do you need a calendar Cowen?

You’re literally just a toxic brat… nothing to do with people being able to ‘emotionally handle other people’… You came to a post asking a question and threw negativity out without any reasonable or relevant input. The end date for the drops is March 1st as has been stated above… Take your poor attitude and go troll 4chan or something instead of trying to goad people on game forums because your life has no meaning.

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I just noticed streamers are giving T1 drops now, so probably till 1 march there will be a chance to get Helgaia too or others,if u didn’t have time like me!
Thx for your answers :slight_smile: (kind ones ofc!)