Is it too late to play?

Like the people answered

It’s too late?

For T3 - No.
For T1 & T2 - Yes.

Oh, my God, he only has 100K, and he has the nerve to look at 500K earrings :rofl:

Is posibble if u make a supp if not u re gonna be gatekept

possible but i would join a guild and/or static for raids…

Just burned over 380 great leapstones on my alt from 1445 to 1460 and guess what? None of the pieces are honed. Those leapstones i fuelled from 4 characters. Honing after 17+ is a joke. And you need atleast +19 all to enter clown.

You are showing the absolute extremes for a high quality item. Of course you’re going to pay a premium. The ones after that are actually in the 70-100k range. Also if you search for some of the top engravings you’ll see the green and blue are way way cheaper than what is shown in your picture.

You can go the lower quality route around 30-80 quality and achieve 5x3 for far cheaper.

Those prices are pretty similar to what they were when the relic acc first came out. I remember selling an acc for sorc for around 650k. It was basically perfect. The green to blue stuff seems way cheaper than relic acc release for some of the acc combos.

Honestly half of the Ppl who typed something here are absolute bozos, from my experience, it’s not that hard to catch up to clown these days, it will take a few months, you obviously probably won’t catch up to brel, but if you go about it correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy the game, since the first time you do raids with other clueless people Is usually the most fun you’ll have with the raid for some time. If you just get carried, it’s a pretty smoge experience imo.

its too late leave while u can

honestly some really good points, except when i make party for vykas all i look for is 4x3. for argos i’m looking for ilvl and for valtan i expect 1445 with at least 3x3. i will never gatekeep anyone. i too started playing since launch and even i am being gatekept and supports leaving and toxicity. i’ve 1490 main 1445 and 1460 alts and it makes me not want to play this game anymore. my roster level is 120 which is most likely why i get so many declines even on my main where i have 5x3 with good cards and all lvl 7 gems

this game is just mindless grind and if you don’t put in as many hours as the mister youtuber that’s pumping out clickbait content just to get clicks. of course kids will expect the same when they can’t really think for themselves. alts are not, nor will they ever be fun. scouter was fun for a few days, then it’s same endless and mindless chaos dungeons, guardians, events, raids and whatever else is left. if you don’t do it you will fall behind. if you fall behind you’re stuck because:
“this is a waste of my time” guy will say you all suck after he fails mechanic 4 times in a row while playing his 10th+ alt and having 5000 hours in lost ark after 8 months of the game being released. grinding for that juicy Fing roster level that only tells you which people don’t have jobs.


So long as you don’t mind spending the next few months taking busses while you slowly build up your roster doing daily tasks and don’t mind missing out on most older horizontal content now is a great time to start.

You get to start at 1370-1415 with no idea how to play while you matchmake into guardians unprepared and getting yelled at then floor pov argos/valtan each week. Even if you did full deck yourself out your roster level will hold you back.

It’s not to late for you, run, run while you can.

I think the bots are increasing and we have 250k players and 5 minutes ago I looked at the gold prices of 3 party gold sellers and saw that 100k gold is 18 dollars. especially na west and na east. that’s why relic accessory are listed between 1million 700k 800k. a high figure. bots are on the rise and by December we will have a population of 450k to 600k.

I wonder how much more expensive esther weapon will be in our version. With those prices.

$9000 AGS/SG price or $500 and a 2 week ban from the bots.

I came so close to rage spending last night after failing to cut a 7/7 stone 35 times. Then I remembered the 3 day gold hold and rage alt+f4’d instead.

Thank you AGS for implementing that, saved me from breaking my own rule of spending on this miserable game.


Who in the right mind will buy a Combat Readiness +5 and Grudge +3 for 500k a PIECE?

If he going for a Combat Readiness (1/1) there are better ways… maybe Combat Readiness +5 with Barricade +3 or Combat Readiness +5 with Stabilized status.+3. Buy a quality less version of it. Some people just don’t know how to build correctly and it is costing 500k gold a piece.

Also, I don’t know what server is this, in NA-W at least some of the decent 50 quality accessories are going super cheap…

yes there are bot operations in the eu centrall region but not as many as in the na west and east regions yes when you buy engraving books in the na west regions 20 books can cost you 500k 600k gold at the same time even the stones have risen to the extremely expensive 18k to 20k gold. in the regions the price of everything has increased costumes mounts pets are all sold for over 80k gold. gem 1.2m gold especially the level 10 gems 9 level gems 250k 270k gold. level 7 gems 25k gold. blue crystals 3300 gold. in this case to buy something you definetely need to buy gold from 3 rd party sites otherwise it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy these items. things dont seem to be so good in na west and in cause where 100k gold is 18 dollars seems silly to make gold rmt legally.

esther weapons will be overpriced my guess is between 4m and 5 milloins gold cuz with the current market it doesnt seem right to spend legally are you ready to give thousand of dollars to buy an item? We reach 255k players. bots are on the rise and while there were 7m 9m gold stocks on 3 party sites 1 month ago, they now have 25 million gold stocks. This is why people refuse to spend legally despite everything.

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Join a guild. Make friends. I have friends who joined the game after 5-6 months doing raids with me now. So if u feel like this game is good for you, just start.

This forum is full of negative people. half of the people who wrote here maybe don’t play the game anymore. Some points some people showed are true. But my advice is make some friends. and play with them.

If ur in EUC, you can join our guild too if u like. Have some friends who can help people.

New players are joining on KR server everyday and KR are running their servers for more than 3 years…why it’s too late start playing here?

Find a guild and do content with them, problem solved

Now imagine the prices of the ancient acessorys when launch on Brelsh. Thats and other reasons 90% of the player base, since the start, already quit.

You just forget they dont have this heavy bot problem we have. And our population of players split in more regions