Is it too late to play?

nah, ur good .

Simple get like 3x3 at least and u should be alright for like valtan and so on. Be proactive and talk or even pm the leader of party and so on.

Oh and you just learn a learning party and get some feel of the boss. Watch a guide beforehand.
Mobalytics guide is absolutely insane for legion raids and you might be like a season veteran after reading it. Then try the boss, and then read the guide and thats it.

No problem starting too late, just dont join reclears, but join learning parties to get a feel of the boss and then u can join reclear etc.

Sad but true.

You should tone down the toxicity, its no good being hateful.

Funnily you quote me - if you read this topic, you would notice i made post literally two posts above, saying its absolutely fine to start playing now.

And you say that people have no choice but to join reclear parties without knowing mechanics ? And you call someone like that " a poor guy " ? Bruh.
If someone joins reclear party without watching a guide, without any experience with the raid and without knowing mechs, thats pure toxicity and selfishness.

If someone is new to the game, he should simply watch a guide, try it in a learning party to understand the mechs, and then he can join reclear group ( for at this point he should be fine with mechs) and can mention he is a bit fresh, but should be ok, and nobody will have issues with that.

But if someone will purposively join reclear and wont disclose he knows nothing, that just means they are selfish and uncaring of others.

what server or region your on ?

there is bunch of guilds that are like you ppl that play the game to enjoy it and not make it a job like most people you will meet, there is also discords for each server so if you ever need to find ppl you can search as well there.

everybody on forums is going explain the good and bad of starting late and there is no lie gate keeping is very real ppl will not take you because they dont want to spend time helping the new players they feel since they struggled everybody else should as well even tho half advocated for power passes to make it easier for players to get to t3 faster lol.

It’s never too late to swipe. :wink:

I wouldn’t say it’s too late. You have a long road a head of you and will have to find players willing to teach/learn with you, but you have honing buffs and more stuff to use to catch up so as long as you are determined enough you can make it.

Play the game if you like it that’s all that matters… but the certain things that were allowed to be obtained for cheaper/easier in the early stages have now gone with the maturing of our version of LA

What I mean is the opportunity train has passed and market has been monopolised

It’s like the comparison between the boomers era and millennials. Boomers conquered it all and new gens struggle to fit in many years later cos of how economics evolve… people tend to capitalise for profit and sorry but SG or AGS are not interested in regulating such factors or at least they haven’t since launch

KR Lost Ark is a much more popular game, the servers aren’t all split up by regions and they slowly grew along with the game over years. Also it’s a lot easier to enjoy a game and continue to play at content lite pace when the future is a mystery. The population of KR helps keep new players engaged with more prog parties and affordable accessories to help become useful quicker.

For NA, we know what things are going to look like for the next 4-6 months (as we play catch up), the servers are bogged down by billions of gold generated via throw away accounts which hyper progressed all of us (one way or another that GVG gold trickled down through everybody) and since NA/EU are split up the way they are the market in all regions suffers.

Lost Ark is a good game, it can be a very fun game, but it’s difficult to stay motivated with it’s content loop while you wait for the next bit of "old’ content to reach us. There is no mystery of the unknown for us, we know Brel, we know Akkan. Playing catch up to content released elsewhere is a demotivator in itself.

The new player experience suffers, they are coming into inflated prices, gatekeeping toxic PF’ers with less Prog parties due to the limited player base per region.

Can it be done and can a new player enjoy the game? Of course, but most will try the game for an hour or two and decide that the next 4-6 months of their life of just being bussed thru all the fun content while grinding endlessly the boring content to even reach being accepted into a prog party for the lowest tier of content is just not worth it, and they’ll find something more fun to play.

This is how I would feel the New Player experience would go:

Don’t listen to the negativity. It’s never a bad time to start playing. We are so far behind Korea that you have plenty of time. If you don’t spend any money it will take you a little longer but it’s worth it. Do the things that will level your roster up as fast as possible as people care about that as much as your build.

The gatekeeping and new player experience is just as bad, If not worse in Korea. Players have had alot more time to learn the game and will gatekeep new players just like in our version. Hell, the brel pugs requiring los18 etc.
Many things are better in Korea, but the new player experience is not one of them.


So globally it just sucks to be new to lost ark :rofl:

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Don’t get discouraged by any of these people. Just follow a few simple steps and enjoy the game:
1st - the most important - find yourself a GUILD, so you could either play with similar geared people, and if not possible with your guildmate’s ALTS. Doesn’t really matter.
Trying to pug Lost ark while being behind is the worst idea possible. People keep doing that, and then flooding forums with topics how bad gatekeeping is. Don’t end up like them, be smarter.
2nd - this game doesn’t require army of alts doing full content to have a decent time. Use your free pass tokens to have cheap and instant t3 characters for daily chaos dungeons. Focus on your main, and then invest some time/gold to advance them for easy oreha/argos gold.
3rd - there’s plenty of ways to earn gold. Playing alts doesn’t suit you? It’s ok, try to master auction house. My guild mate is making TONS of gold by flipping relics on AH.
Good luck out there!


Just play if you enjoy the game, find a like-minded community. There are “no new players” as they are being gatekept by the toxic doomers you see in the forums.

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for me i think not… it’s also my first time playing the game when i saw this thing like wtf i feel wanna quit. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox
bot lost ark

Back in russia i started fresh and started lesrning everything from scratch. There are always new players coming in. It’s the time for yiu to find those new and learn the game together. I would say if you can get with new friends i think you will stick together for a long long time. Key is if you enjoy the game, you will enjoy the process of

  1. Learning mechanics
  2. Gearing up
  3. Wiping until you can get it right
  4. And of course making new friends with the same experience with you

Well first of all, even though Argos says iLvl 1370, that’s just for Gate 1. Gate 2 is 1385 and Gate 3 is 1400. Secondly the demand that people want a 4x3 are hard gatekeeping because it’s very difficult unless you have relic gear and legendary book engravings. The proper 3x3 with appropriate stats is enough at that level. It isn’t worth the Pheon cost for gear you’ll be replacing later anyways.

Two things that will make you journey much easier is if you have a character at that level you should also have a Punika power pass or two. Use one on a support. While damage is highly gatekept in this game most groups will take an at-iLvl support just to have one. The other thing is join a guild. People are going to be much more willing to teach a new player if they’re going to become part of their static and some guilds will even give you free Argos busses to get gold so you can hone your main faster. Even with all of that, it’s a lot of work and will take some time. If you’re looking for a game to play casually, this just isn’t the game for you. It’s the main reason why it’s hard to recommend to other people.

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I would say, it isn’t late, but yes, it is becoming harder and harder for mokokos. But this problem is not only for Lost Ark, but for any MMORPG games. Soltuion to this is very typical.

Find a good guild, and get some help from people. Make sure to pay back later, though :slight_smile:

In most of MMORPG games like Lost Ark have a tons of people who are willing to help newbies, including me. With some help, you will catch up quite quickly, but without any help, yes. It is too late, and you will be mostly suffered.

In Punika, just say in pub chat “I’m mokoko looking for an active guild from which I can get some help to keep up with others. I’m having quite hard time to catch up. I will pay it back later(by helping people back)!”. You will find a tons of people that will message you wanting to help you. Don’t live alone. People help each other.

Leave me your nick. Let me help with my friends and guild mates, if you want. I will bring you to my guild party.

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Also here ppl posted various guides and tips for beginner Brief guide, sortalost

Imo the best solution for you is play this game for pvp not pve :wink: much more less stressfull and not feel like a another job.

Unless your swiping, have hundreds of hours spare or getting full carried by friends it’s going to be incredibly hard to get close to catching up. If your just here for the scenery the game is fun at most levels with lots to do, so dont focus on ‘I need 1490 ilvl 5x3 engravings’. Do not fool yourself tho…Lost Ark is a HUGE time commitment.

Well the thing is you are the 1% of the community who is still reasonable at gatekeeping (vykas hard 4x3 and valtan hard 3x3) However the new player will encounter the other 99% of community…