Is it too late to play?

it’s the right to play i guess.
1 - 50 is as usual speed
t1 - t3 is super fast now compared to when this game is released

Find a guild that can take you under their wing.

Gatekeepers will ruin your experience.
You don’t have a full 5x3 engravings with full Relic and Roster 150+? Then you will be declined except you’re doing matchmaking.

I’ve seen groups with “5x3 only” and yet the Group leader had only 4x3. Elitists are ruining this game, while the gold inflation is doing the rest.

If you can manage to find a guild which will support you, then you probably will have a good time, despite the above things.

No dude.

I play 6x Guardian raids and my Alts dont have 5x3. And i find groups. Ofc u get gatekeep if u look only 5x3 lobbys lol

You don’t need to look for groups in guardian raid. Matchmaking is fine for them. Unless you want a elite group to clear in 1 min.

You’ll get abused by gatekeeping randoms. I know people are being nice in the thread but theres 8 people in a party and 1 or two people being nice doesn’t matter, you’ll still get the boot by vote, and you most likely won’t be running into them on the 30+ different servers.

Theres really no need to be a masochist.

btw you can read the other threads to see the gatekeeping, by some of the lovely nice people itt. “how did you not know something i knew 134 months ago???”

It’s possible. But I think it’s hard if you are alone. We regularly take on “newer” players in our guild (I think you have to have at least one 1415) and take them on raids, teach them mechanics etc. For me it’s fun to introduce new players to the game etc :slight_smile:
But if you watch guides before raids you should be fine. Just have to be patient when looking for a grp.

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Never to late, one thing find a friendly active guild. Without it…ya you will have a hard time.

I gladly take new players in the guild through argos, valtan and vykas (even clown when you get there).

everything depends how much time do you have and what u expect from ur game expirience, i am skiped 3 monthes of game and i am brel ready now with 5 alts at 1460 and 7 alts 1415, so if you will invest your time (like in my case) or money u will be fine (not instantly but u will catch up dw), u can even play casualy if u are not expecting to clear actual content and enjoy some low gs raids like valtan and vykas it’s up to you buddy, if you like this game just play it dont listen this forum andies who talking about gatekeeping and all this shit even while sleeping xD u can find guild and do raid runs with them

I see a lot of negative, but equal amount of positive things.
It is not too late and as you said you cannot catch up to the hardcore gamers playing since day 1.
BUT as any other MMO you can make a lot of friends and do stuff with them. There are also people going back to do bosses etc so you will eventually finish everything. All negative comments are people trying to justify their 16h a day in the game and think the game is bad because they have no self control and burn themselves out constantly.
Game is hella fun and has a lot of things to do, so do not stop!

there is only one answer to this…

It’s reasonable to start now. People saying “80% of the game is a ghost town” are out of touch. Leveling/questing has always been a solo experience in this game.

New players get funneled straight into 1370/1415 content at this point once they reach punika. Oreha hard, argos, valtan, etc aren’t a ghost town at all.

There’s enough free pheons for a relic set at 1415 and the gold cost for most non-spec classes is reasonable.

This is good and I praise your guild for that and you for teaching but you have to know you are not the majority. People will ask “Why should I waste time teaching new people when I can just use the time to do legion raid on my other character.”

If you see the LA streamer on twitch what did you see? Most of the time just clearing legion raid, no teaching session. Compare that with GW2 I know some streamer dedicated 1 day on the week to make a training session stream, people on their discord vote on what raid to train and they can register to join.

Yeah but it really is up to the community to do these kinds of things. I mean for me lost ark is about fun, and from time to time it’s fun to play with green mokokos and teach them stuff :smiley: and also see their excitement when they clear valtan for the first time alive or something.
I know the majority doesn’t think like that, and especially in EU a lot of people enjoy doing things efficiently more than actually playing the game. They get enjoyment out of efficiently “working” through the content, not actually playing (not judging, just observing) so wasting time is obviously not fun for those types of players.
So all I can say is this: if you are a new player and really want to get into the game, actively look for a guild or other new players who are of the same mindset and are open to learning/teaching together.

Not too late at all. I recommend looking for a guild. We’ve got some newer players and will help them to clear their raids once they are there

Pheons are not enough. You only get 50 free while leveling up and 10 per week from event. Going straight from 0 to 1415 without pushing alts at the same time will make you permanent goldstarved.

I did it myself when i rerolled from EUW to EUC. When the game was new we got 400 free pheons with super cheap BC. If you start now there is almost no other way than buying pheons with real money.

Starting now warps you to endgame, but without gems, runes, Skill potions and No chance to improve accessories.
On top you are thrown into a super toxic community with endless gatekeeping.
If you know someone in rl you can play with, then it’s fine, otherwise i would not recommend this game for new players.

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Cannot be more wrong. Honing gold is also decreased, you are gold starved, but that is normal, when we started we were also gold starved, yet we still made it. Gems, runes and everything can be farmed later through normal progression. I doubt anyone comes into an MMORPG game 8 months late and thinks they can catch up to 8 month progression f2p.

That is like 30% of the parties, maybe less in my experience. Almost every day I see chill groups and learning parties.

This game is full of open people. I have made tons of friends and met some pretty cool people along the way. As long as you search you will find, just look for good, not to spread bad further.

you are not late. but you need a plan at least to run long term.

my suggestion to you is that:

  1. start making alts, it’s definitely true that you need 2-3 alts at least, pumping all the mats and gold into your main. probably not immediately with all the free mats from events but eventually you do.
  2. find a active guild, chat with them, make friends, so later on when you are asking for help they are there to help you. our guild had a couple guys gone for several weeks and we are helping them to learn clown next week, even though all of us have 10+ clear title already.
  3. be patient. the game design is always catch up is easier than those up there continue to go further.

It’s just… when you are ahead now right let’s say your current state and your friend express interest in the game, of course he want to play with you however he might ask “How long till I can catch up to you?” what will be your answer? because catching up to you and doing content together with you gonna take a lot of time unless he cut the time with whaling, if he is F2P it’s gonna take quite long.

What is approximate time will you answer to him?