Is it too late to swap mains?

My current main is a 1460 Gunlancer, and ever since I tried the control engraving my Glaivier quit her job at Lopang (seriously, I hate the red skills).

She is currently 1415… is it too late to push her to 1475 and beyond? Would I be able to get her to clown raid level in time considering that I have 2 yoho slaves, her doing deskaluda and my GL doing ice turtle?

Never too late. Don’t give in to fomo and play what you enjoy. So what if you arrive a few weeks later at the raid, what the heck? I see no issues here.

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the best time to change mains is now, if you ask tomorrow it’s tomorrow if you ask in a month, the best time is in a month

I think it’s never too late to swap mains. If you’re a type of person who doesn’t feel comfortable being fallen behind then you may focus on one character. However, due to the nature of this game you’ll be playing a lot of alts anyway.

The biggest hurdle for swapping the main might be the concern of spending Pheons, other than that I don’t see why it’s too late. :grinning:

A friend swapped mains, he missed Valtan and Biakiss on release day, but now he’s caught up and ready for Satan.

Never too late.

The damn pheons, yeah. Im missing 3 accessories because of them. I guess its time for a honing session now then lol.

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I’m trying to, my main is a 1475 Sorcerer, now i’m pushing a Bard, she is already 1445.

its never too late to swap mains, because it doesnt need to be the “highest ilvl” character you have to enjoy it.

you just play it and focus your gold/mats on progressing it instead of something else. upside is you’ll have a 1460 alt by the end of it all.

that being said, it does depend on if your willing to either spend money or if your ok with not being a day 1 raider for something like clown.

its actually the best moment to main swap