Is it too much to ask that the game go a month without a mass false ban?

Their new and highly-effective tactics to target and remove bots apparently hit a large amount of inactive players and they have their steam accounts banned and not able to play any EAC game.

You haven’t heard about them because they can’t post here since they’re banned, any post regarding that gets deleted by mods and on reddit automod is filtering them.

However, proof that a large amount of inactive accounts got steam bans from lost ark is announced by reddit mods.

Is it too much to ask that the game go a month without a mass false ban?

I will drop a lol here.


Are you kidding me? A large number of players are mistakenly blocked? Or are some robots pretending to be gamers complaining?

A bot can’t pretend to have a 13 year old steam account. They have a track record of faslely banning people at every turn and is confirmed by Roxx.

Not long ago, many were banned for using a cheating program and they confirmed it was false and they unbanned them.

We might hear from AGS soon regarding this, so hold your horses.


That not true you can post on the forum even if you are ban on steam.

You can’t, when you are banned in game your forum account gets banned as well. That’s why you always see “I am posting on my friend’s behalf”.

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RIP your friend RMT is tempting I know

I have no friends who were banned. Check the subreddit, and see screenshots and links to players’ steam accounts getting banned, last played on feb and march for 6 hours or so.

Few weeks ago they banned massive amounts of people by mistake with the cheating program. What do you have to say about that?

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What do I have to say about people who didn’t play since launch and got ban ?

Are they planning to play again in 2023 ? If the answer still no

Well to bad ?

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But every time they banwave innocent players are also banned (assuming and verified that it’s true) it’s an embarrassing thing that shouldn’t happen so often

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I’m sorry for their sacrifice it for the greater good

In the comments there are links to steam accounts that are public where you can verify they played few hours at launch and they got banned on Jan 14.

You can also check the reviews on steam on Jan 14 where people are stating they got banned and verify that they haven’t touched the game except for a few hours back in Feb and March.

Well they are players who mostly played the game very little and long time ago.

But it’s very legit. 33% reviews in last 30 days are negative. Most coming in today.


@Roxx @moderators

Could anyone shed some light on this issue, thank you all.

how does playing only few hours months ago makes them instantly innocent?
with 70% of the playerbase being bots pretty much since the start, thats a lot of “customers” they had in the remaining 30%.
In every F2P game, only 10% are spenders and less than 1% are big spenders, with RMT going unpunished for so long, its far bigger chance that the big juicers are cheater rather than whales.

this ain’t court, this is renting a service that can be terminated anytime for whatever reason, no such thing as innocent until proved guilty, AGS is also not permabanning on first offense, innocent or not, they would have to get several false bans in a row to end up with perma.

Tbh it’s completely irrelevant. If true, even if they RMT’d back then and should be banned in LOA it’s absolutely embarrassing that it’s preventing them from being able to play any other game that uses EAC. Just shows how incompetent the LOA system as setup by AGS is.

@GhostReporting Do you have any evidence that it prevents them from playing other EAC games?

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Well I myself got banned for 1 week by their automated garbage report system
and the “support” team just shamelessly spam you with the same message template no matter what you say, 0 sympathy for the players situation, I can understand why people coming here to complain about bans… they have only bots to talk to in the support system…
and what they get here? forum andies blaming them for cheating with 0 evidance no matter what they say, reason? I dunno, you tell me

@Redrowen Dunno what I will do after this week, I mean if I wouldve finished my raids then meh, whatever, but I lost half my raids so I dunno how can I recover from this (and if its worth it)

Friend sent me this today

He quit the game without even reaching lvl 50 on release so it’s not RMT or other shit.
Also he’s from UK so it’s not VPN issue or something.

You know it shows you are banned on your steam account?
Not everyone wants to have an active game from shit they’ve decided to try year ago.

Your take on this is the same what AGS does
“Well fuck them”

You are either a very bad troll, or you have some issues.


Well the team doesnt work weekends, but man thats some shit.

so the facts are :

  • he is friend from UK
  • he said he did not cheat
  • he did not play for a long time
  • he haven’t reach lvl50
    = guaranteed innocent

he can appeal the ban. No matter how flawed the auto-ban system is, it follows patterns and one of them applied to your friend’s account. Nobody here, including you, can’t tell if justly or not.
Also to my knowledge AGS does not perma on first offense, at least not for RMT

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Told him the same.
Even if he’s not willing to play he can at least get his ban taken down.
But problem remains, why is AGS banning those people.

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