Is it too much to ask that the game go a month without a mass false ban?

Yeah I’ve seen the posts on reddit
Some people played like less than 10 hours just to test the game
Stop playing since like feb/march
And got mass banned. LOL

Their main steam account is forever tainted by ags and eac.

Thank god i listened to some early NW player that told people to not use their main steam account for AGS games. Because their false ban cpuld screw your steam account.


My guess is its related to some lack of Trusted status. If you didn’t meet some minimum criteria that didn’t exist then it banned the account. Probably trying to get all the old accounts that the botters have sitting idle in the wings waiting to fire back up.

Still pretty sketchy given there is virtually zero transparency when it comes to being able to see why you got banned.

Legit issue. You can view Steam profiles, so it’s easy to check that the people aren’t lying. Apparently taking a break gets you banned now, haha.

Obviously it’s one of those anti-botting measures AGS were talking about coming soon. And it’s either actually as dumb as it sounds “we ban inactive accounts and hope we get some bots in there”, or something went wrong somewhere (as has often been the case so far).

Either way, this is not acceptable and we need to be talking about it, especially since those banned people have no way of posting here. An official statement is needed.

People are trying to figure things out on Reddit, and so far it seems like those who bought Founder’s Packs and then stopped playing aren’t banned. So just the F2P accounts. That’s some messed up P2W kek.


It’s so great when the great amount of evidence is he/she said, not like ppl lie online :joy:

I trust random online Joe more than AGS at this point


You can literally check someone’s steam profile and see they have 4h of playtime, last played in February.
So what you just said here is not just incorrect but plain stupid.


exactly… plus if somebody is playing competetive league in any other game, good luck to explain the situation to these pro organisations about your ban on your steam profile, the trust might get lost there!


Ban for no reason ,Steam community comment section has exploded, the official just does not respond to explain


It’s the weekend they are not working kekw, live service game btw.


Was literally about to say this.

Feels bad for these people, there is 100’s of reviews today alone from these false bans.

People with accounts that have 6k+ games in their steam acc…

We deserve a better publisher, and everybody deserves better than whatever AGS is giving us.

This is like New world 2.0 again, except the game has been live for nearly a year and they are still fucking it up.


Some of you act like this is the most important thing in your life. “We deserve this, we deserve that.” Either play or dont, its simple.



Definitely one of the biggest fk up they’ve done so far lol

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well thats bad news, but at least it’s not active players. They shud look into it and have a statement about it.

i checked steam reviews, it’s just mad people who are afraid of their steam status with 5-20h of total playtaime.

Name a better publisher. Af if you have any options.

(List of video game publishers - Wikipedia)

Anybody on the list that’s not AGS.

For KR mmorpgs? Kakao/NCSOFT or gameforge.

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It’s not about steam status for LAO.

Clearly most of those ppl do not give a fuck about LAO.

Getting banned on any game in steam gives you a VAC mark, which can make you unable to play other games/not purcahse other games

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Gameforge and Kakao are worse.

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with GF and kakao, there was never as many as issues as with AGS IMO.

I played launch BDO until they self published, the only thing I never noticed from Kakao was cash shop greed.

At least we would actually get Legendary outfits if kakao published this, because they would love Yoz’s jar kekw.

I can personally deal with that, if it means we have functioning servers, no bots, and no censorship/original game.

Of course, the best solution is SG self publish LA.

Lol you should see Steam forums it is littered with false bans