Is it true 21:9 brings a big advantage in pvp?

21:9 aspect ratio gives you more field view. If you have a normal monitor, enable 21:9 mode with in game settings and look at just how much more you see

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You can force 21:9 on any monitor so it’s not really a big deal. You just get black bars are the top and bottom of your screen

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FoV was increased in KR by (I think I heard) 10%, but having played on KR myself it does feel larger than that. 21:9 is still a definite advantage but the change did help a bit to bridge the gap.

yeah but how is it an issue? you can literally see the same thing with a crappy monitor. if you want to. but this guy saying “big advantage in pvp” and all of that. this is the first time i see someone complain about this.


I am still supporting the idea of limiting FOV, Aspect Ratio and all that good stuff in PVP, for equal chances for everyone…

But outside in PVE zones, I would like to use my 3840x1080 without black bars left and right…

should be fairly simple to implement

You must be new if this is the first time you’ve seen someone complain about this lol. But your point is correct, you can force it with 21:9 mode it just looks worse if it’s not native for you

Yes you can force it but you get black bars so what’s the point?

I don’t have a ‘crappy’ monitor by any means. I have a 2K(1440p) 170hz monitor…

everybody has an equal chance unless they’re stubborn. the tradeoff is the black lines.

how many months ago was this discussed? i don’t pay attention to silly threads specially when the solution is either go to the options or get a better monitor if you can afford it. but i don’t see why people should be limited because someone can’t afford / don’t wanna go to the option / don’t like how it looks by going into the options.

Then you should be able to force 21:9 without black bars, like you can in so many different resolutions in so many games

Also most games dont support 21:9. Buying a screen just for that is crazy

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i found the thread about the same subject here. but there was no reply from CM’s or anything about the subject. so if you can’t / don’t want to get a new monitor etc. your only option is to deal with the black bars as they’ve never mentioned anything about it. not everyone finds it as a big problem either. so that might be the case i guess.

Apparently I can just change the resolution from the monitor in the nvidia control pannel. I guess I could try that

hope that helps you out with it! ^^

Edit: do you have the RU version? maybe try it in there and see if that makes it better?

I would like them to do this. Emulated 21:9 would be better. I hate ultra-wide and I hate black bars. That being said, if the time comes and I have to deal with black bars, I guess black bars it is. It also depends on how much of an advantage I see it is for myself. Obviously people will have their own opinions but I wanna experience it for myself. Wish I woulda tried it in beta.

Here are 35 popular ones from 2020

And here are 500 other titles that support it.

Dude 21:9 complaint is old news. We’re on the 32:9 complaint now.


As many others he missunderstand what changes KR did. He think that those changes are 21:9 or somethong like that lol.

They add 10% extra view for each side but that change is the same for everyone. So if you have 21:9 you will notice the change as same who have 16:9 or 32:10.

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Not going to lie, didn’t plan my 21:9 for Lost Ark, but I am quite pleased with my purchase.

  1. It’s a big advantage, being able to see more of the playing field is really important.

  2. KR changed the field of view on all types by 10%. So its a buff to all ratio viewing space.

  3. You can force 21:9, you’ll just have black bars on the top and bottom on most monitors. I’ll be playing this way…its a necessary sacrifice to me.

It’s basically like this:

So yeah it’s literally night and day. That’s why ppl use forced 21:9 or a 21:9 monitor for PVP

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Its ridiculous the advantage it gives to the 1% of players that plays 21:9.

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