Is it true that they will censor all skins?

There are rumors going around that the reason why we cant buy any skins yet and they dont plan to release them in March update.
Is that they will censor all the skins for western market to not show skin/panties etc.

I shouldn’t go into conspiracy theories, but I am certainly not going to be surprised if they do.

The utter lack of customizable looks for your characters will mean they’ll profit nonetheless even we get full out robes covering every bit of skin.

When there is no choice, even tiniest morsels of a choice will be seen as godly gifts.

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Yeah the silence feeds conspiracies.
Like that one where they dont want to release skins till people waste the crystals they got from platinum packs.

Hmmm, seeing how they handled the launch, daily maintenance, nerfing, bot situation etc. I find it hard to assume that they are intentionally doing this. :joy:

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Yes, it’s true, no booba for you!

It’s not hard to get some actual girls irl bro.

Only if you’re whaling… :yum:

Why would you hold off your main moneymaker of not for a good reason?

Almost 2 weeks ago. March 2nd update on official news point there is still a few problems going, which I haven’t had so far, and they want to iron out before going with it.

Censoring needs to be seen when they start releasing skins. Sorceress destructive set is panty flashing on almost any activity so… censoring might not even be a problem.

Roxx did mention no censor but then say the starter outfit was completely changed yet the OG clothes could still be acquired as white drops in the starter areas

maybe thats the reason it takes them so long to release… I PRAY NOT


Unfortunately my wife will not grow sylvain ears or cast magic and/or support me in raiding a local bank.

And when I look at my own character in-game, games being escapism from real life and all, I prefer mine to look pretty as per my CHOICE, not as per what AGS puritans-for-profit dictate me to.

You know, how Korean release looks like, what got me into this game.


of course they are redrawing previous skins from kr/ru. look at our skins right now compared to what they look like on kr/ru. they cover skin showing on legs, cover cleavage area. THATS WHY WE DONT HAVE SKINS YET.

  1. ITS AGS
  2. we all know how fast they are at doing ANYTHING
  3. there are 100s of skins to redraw/censor.
    look at ags history with video games, even before new world… they arent the greatest company and only care about making a profit. they lack passion for the game and love for the community. new world was there 4th failure. lost ark was made by smilegate so ags got handed a diamond gem of course they will scratch it.
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I mean they even renamed bikini island…