Is it way too crazy to start from zero?

I quited LA since quite long time, my highest GS was 1445 and I kinda want to try the game once again, I logged in but I was clueless and everything felt so new to me that I’m actually thinking on just starting everything over from zero. I know there are a lot of things to farm such as gold, silver, cards, giant hearts, long etc. Idk really lol maybe I uninstall again.

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Starting over from zero is a mixed bag. To start, you will struggle to find players doing earlier game content (e.g. islands) nowadays. The only fellow “players” you will encounter early-on only seem to say “hh” and all have gibberish names lol. It should be no trouble to get through the story content and side quests solo (although some islands lack players to do them anymore).

As for raids, I highly recommend finding an active guild as soon as possible. This is to facilitate you in playing the game. Otherwise, be prepared to be “gatekept” from virtually all group content (i.e. not invited into any parties you apply for). This is a huge issue with newer players as they can’t play/catch up without being bussed, and then lack the knowledge of how to complete the raids in the future.

Edit: instead of starting over from zero, I would recommend you start a new character and level them up while keeping your roster-progress intact. This will save you a lot of effort on various collectables, roster levels, cards, engravings, etc. you have previously earned.

The early game and the end game have nothing in common. If you feel out of touch, its with end game content, not with Thirain main Quest line (imo) get back on that 1445 and be curious with it, I give you 2 weeks that all your past knowledge will be back

if u want to enjoy as high content with as less investment, just run a support

No, it isn’t. I am doing same thing now.

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You’ll be fine, just find a friendly guild that you can run content with and have fun in any way you like. If you can manage your FOMO and relax not being at the very top of end game content then you’ll get there eventually ^^. There is lots of catch-up content that’s constantly happening too, so don’t miss those events if you are able.

But I think generally you’ll get people here instilling fear that you can’t catch up but I don’t believe that’s true. Can always see for yourself!

Good luck and remember this is a game meant to be played for fun so try your best not to burn yourself out ^^.

talking about catch up content, until the game really dies, there will be endless content to catch up to, that’s how the devs make whales pay for the game.

Well from someone that started from zero to item level 1385, and that stopped playing the game for the time being due to focusing on uni and other stuff IRL, my free time is now limited. I can say it’s actually not that crazy or difficult, to be honest.

As you have already experienced the game, and understand and know the different routes for material and such, it’s effortless to go from level 10 to level 50 1370+ item level in as short as 1 - 2 days.

I’m not sure about your reasoning for starting over, but if you wish to re-learn or re-experience the game from the ground up, it is possible and easy to do, easier with the current Christmas event going on feeding you a fair amount of upgrade materials.

However, you will have to note that the changes to gold acquirement in the West mean that getting the 3x3 engravings from NPC gold rapport only is not possible anymore. But you should have enough gold from the foggy island quest chain to get your engravings and Argos gear from the market.

Crazy no, necessary depends on you, possible yes.

Yes, it is. Not worth your time.

just make a new character on the server you got the others on and just play it like its from zero.

Listen to your heart!