Is it worth doing South Vern story ark (at 1340) on alt characters?


Id say yes just for the card packs… :sweat_smile:

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if you hone them yes because eventually they have to do it for 1415 chaos dungeon and teh story gives a decent amount of blue stones and a few red stones for their honing
if you care about your cards then yes too because you get a bunch of card packs
if you dont care about either then no

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You get lots of cards and tons of EXP from these quests, the trick for easy lvl 60 on alt is get to lvl 59 first from training in strong hold and do south vern story line and you should have 20-30% left to pvp 60

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Yes for the card packs, honestly i do it when i get an alt to 1415 cause is mandatory and i have the 2 best card buffs so i’m not need to rush it (LoS and the crit one)

I don’t have the strength for this, I already did it with 5 characters