Is it worth going from 1472 to 1490 even if i dont do 3rd raid?

as the title says all my toons are at 1472 i have enough resource to take them to 1490 but i dont want to because i dont wanna do a 3rd raid and argos gold is fast and good enough. Reason i wont do 3rd raid is because is i dont like clown raid and i wont get in brel raid on item level because of gatekeeping.

I mean unless you’re willing to throw away argos gold to have a better valtan/vykas experience then I don’t really see any other reason to hone if you don’t want to do the raids.

If you enjoy them? But that would imply getting relic 2 set and brel gear anyways so I take it you don’t want to do that

That’s entirely up to you, whether you want to spend more time doing raids to earn more gold.

I wouldn’t keep ALL my toons at 1472 though. At least start by pushing 1 or 2 to clown/brel. You have to progress at some point.

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Take the supps 1st to 1490, then take dps one by one.

There are some benefits, like getting access to 1490 chaos dungeon, i would say also 1490 guardian but honestly that one doesnt even matter, you also earn twice as many tickets from clan exchange cuz now you unlock 1490 chests, you also earn 1490 leapstones from unas and if you like your characters you need to start upgrading clown set to lvl 2 and transfering your equipment to brel gear eventually, but 1472,5 is a good and chill spot to stay, i only upgrade my alts if i really wanna commit with them and i know they are strong enough to not get gatekept.

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You gonna have to get up clown and brel eventually unless you want to stay at 1472 forever.

I will just push one character up there…sup will be best and easy to get into group.

If you don’t have a sup. You still can find brel group for 1490. Not many, but as long as your toon is 5x3 with level 7 gems. You stand a good chance.

I think 1-2’s aren’t the problem because there aren’t that many 1520+ looking specifically for 1-2s. Most of the 1-2s I see on party finder nowadays are actually between 1490-1497 so they aren’t that bad outside of the jail aspect.

The bigger problem comes when you hit 1500 and you try to find 1-4s because there are a ton of 1520+ people who only do 1-4s.

it’s worth since you’ll do chaos dungeon with latest mats that you can sell or trade with your main and do Caliligos.

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You probably should just quit if you don’t want to keep up.

And with your comments, we can see how good the community is. What a toxic guy.

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I would recommend quitting the game if you don’t want to do the content. 1490 is absolutely essential to progress at all because of the chaos dungeon.

If its just alts its fine to be 1460/1472.

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I would definitely recommend pushing ur chars to 1490 if they arent future lopang employees.
If u wanna continue playing them long term then u should start farming the better leaps - u need a lot of them to push higher and u get better mats/tripods/gems in highlvl chaos.

The easy way to overcome Clown and gatekeeping is getting a static… If that isnt an option u should at least try to increase ur odds of survival

  1. Title
    Vykas Hell and PLC
  2. Get better at the game
    Learn all Marios and Prokel
  3. Overgear the Content
    1500+ for Clown 10-20 extra for Brel
  4. Play sought-after Classes
    A Class with C-Tier Dmg like Scouter or Pistoleer will have a worse time then a Class with S-Tier Synergy like Gunlancer or Blade

Groupfinder is a rough enviroment and without the minimum requierments (No elcheapo 5x3 with decent quali, decent Gems, full relic) dont even try it (i dont need more “I quit because of gatekeeping” threads)

PS: Busses exist - and its sometimes good invested gold if the alt is worth it
PPS: Playing Supports unlocks a hidden passive ability called: “Deletion of worthless vocabulary” with the effect of removing the terms “gatekeeping” “minimum requirements” and “title”


I would highly suggest going to 1490 to do brel 1-2… you get 15 free ilvls once you transfer (to 1505)

Na, I had Scouter 1475 doing Clown Raid and he is hella good class. Ez quick clean mobs and balls safely.

You can write with the title for exchange like for example Help my Alt, you get help by my Main 1540 for your alt.

this is the way, take your time get your gold to 5mil. then push 1 char to 1490 thats it. because when you reaching clown, your profit will be less in 1 char income

If its an alt, then its good on 1472. If its your main then I suggest to hone to 1490 and do Kakul.
You will need level 2 relic set and you also need 1490 chaos dungeon for new mats.

So thats is… Thats the end game for you… You either hone and keep going to clown and brel then brel hard, then elgacia set 3, then akkan, etc or you already finished the game by your standards… Which is ok but hey it is up to you, noone here can do the call for you.

If anything hone to 1490 and do brel 1/2 which is super fast, valtan and vycas.

maybe leave all of your toons at 1472, and then only push one higher hopefully the more item level you won’t get gatekept

You are losing out on 100’s of thousands of gold by keeping your guy at 1472.

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well my main is 1540 and i have my paladin up to 1490. sadly rest of my alts are all dps. after i made this thread i did got lucky on my berserker and took it to 1490 with only 40% of average cost and found a good group fast for brel g1-2.
Problem with statics are it have even more gatekeeping unless you have friends playing the game.