Is it wrong to be jealous of korea?

Korea be getting these huge patches each month with massive changes meanwhile here in the west we get south vern, no skins etc. etc.

Not to mention it gets shoved in our faces too, go on twitch and youtube to search for lost ark and everything you see is about korea, its stupid painful. We are constantly told nothing we do matters because we are so far behind and the sad thing is it’s true.

Stop starving the players and treat us for once. Having an abundance of mats is better than lack of mats because these mats don’t matter AT ALL once we get later into the game. Mats we have now are literally sold for 1 gold in korea so I don’t get why AGS is being so stingy with mats.

I swear western Lost Ark is the biggest cuck lmao we really need to start catching up with the other regions. One tiny region a month with no skins is really not it, I’m really fed up because I love the game but the speed of releases is so slow its painful.

At this point we are basically getting western lost ark release in 1-2 years(maybe more) when we are actually caught up, this feels more like a beta version of lost ark than anything.




Have you considered that because Smilegate puts the majority of their effort into the Korean release, they have comparatively fewer resources for the Western release?

It also takes a lot lesser work for western lost ark. The localization up to before artist is released is already finished. I mean they planned for content to be released at an accelerated rate from the start but now they refuse to feed us the mats needed to go on these accelerated paths and opted to push content further away instead.

The battlepass skin released last patch was already a thing we had in beta…

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This is literally the only version of the game that has ever launched without Shushire being the endgame. We’re getting content releases faster than literally anyone. Yet somehow, those dastardly devils at AGS are “starving us”.


Yes and at that time lost ark korea had way less content things are different now.

I’m not sure where this “each month” is coming from. Last year KR had no update in May, October and November. This year, they received one update early January, and only now they received another update. That’s 3+ months of no update.


I’m betting the hype around the game would have been severely diminished had they openly stated that they’d be releasing the game piecemeal over a period of a year or so and even then withholding content released based on what percentage of the playerbase was “ready”.

I think a lot of people just feel kinda duped and this is one of the primary sources of frustration.

there are many things to be jealous about but content release is not one of them. KR’s last content release was 9 months ago.

Give it a few years and we’ll be almost 1/10th of the way there.


Seriously though just enjoy the game for what it is. if you ever start feeling burnt out do what I do. play something else for a while :slightly_smiling_face:

our version will catch up eventually (or at least get closer to what they currently have)

Yes it is wrong. They’ve been making money for years in Korea now, so they are different, you can’t expect them to give up profit. Look at how they nudge you to create alts, rush argos and valtan, but don’t help much after 1370+, to create a gap between pay players and f2p, if you want end content you either need to spend more time with alts or pay.

Ofc this is my opinion as a f2p, you may disagree, we all have different angle looking at things.

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Wow people are really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel with stuff to complain about… The game isn’t even 3 months old


the game is 3 years old. We’re playing a content gated version of the game that’s only 3 months old.

Surely it’s not illogical that people will look at the full game in KR and question why we’ve got what we’ve got.

It’s not wrong to be jealous.

It’s just dumb. And kinda Pathetic.


Korea? Yes, we’re 17 months behind them and on a schedule to catch up in like 7-8 months probably.

What you can be jealous of is JP. They got T1/T2 honing buffs with Argos, 1370 honing buffs with Kadan quest. 1390 express event with Valtan/South Vern (gives +20% honing chance for that character through 1390).


The western version is more of a cash grab to them, obviously.

The amount of effort they put in our version can safely be described as the “minimum” needed to keep the F4 functionality running.


First time playing an MMO?

How can you possibly compare us to Korea when we literally launched 2 months ago, whereas Korea has been ongoing for 2.5 years!?

People need to catchup to current end game content and learn the fights before they can release more!!!

Not to mention that if they released it all in one go, how will they make money?! LOL.

The pace is decent for an MMO. Could they release stuff a bit quicker? Maybe. But there are already new contents with South Vern, and also Valtan is coming in a few weeks.



How are they making money, if most of it goes to bots right now?

Still plenty of whales swimming around :laughing:

Yes, and they buy from bots, since the $400 store limit is annoying to them.