Is Kakul-Saydon weak to holy?

Wondering what is best, LWC 12 or LoS 18.

Afaik only Nightfox Yoho and Vykas Gate 2 and 3 benefit from holy damage, clown not. SaintOne talked about that in a stream, iirc there will be 2 Brelshaza gates too, all other bosses have the same reductions.

LoS 18 is stronger than LWC even as an entropy class against a non holy weak target

LOS 18 give you flat 7% dmg, if the target weak to holy then +10% extra to that 7%

LoS 18 is always better than LWC 12.

7% damage increase > 7% crit rate

not necessarily always true but for the builds and classes we have available for the foreseeable future its fine

Can you give me an example of where 7% crit rate is more of a DPS increase than 7% damage?

when u only have like 20% crit proly

If you run keen blunt weapon and your crit is low, LWC 12 outperforms LoS 18 in terms of overall DPS gain.

when you run keen blunt and entropy your crit damage is so high that if you miss a crit the dps loss would probably not worth the extra damage.

There used to be an icon on top right saying every raids has a weakness to certain element including vykas gate# weak to holy but since few updates ago they no longer shown

kakul does not have a elemental weakness BUT if you have 18 LOS thats better

LoS 18 is better against all bosses. Only instance where LWC is better is when you have LoS 12

when you have a ton of cdmg and low crit so pretty much only a weirdo running entropy + kbw with adren 1 or 2 and no crit synergy in the party. pretty niche corner case but still applicable

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