Is Lost Ark already losing playerbase before release?

Hello there, I was wondering if anyone at AGS is aware of how many players from beta started playing on RU server, because it’s actually really easy to set up and also free.

When I started on RU 3 months ago there was barely anyone talking in English, now it seems to be full of English speaking players.

Reaching T3 (end game) takes around 2 months of casual playing.

Even if the Western release is in January most
of those people will be in T3 already as the game sucks you in… Fighting amazing and challenging bosses, having glorious enchants, good looking skins, you get the idea.

Now tell me why all those people will want to get back to do boring T1 content for around 2 - 3 months when they can actually enjoy much more challenging content. Not to mention the players that will get burned out playing there and trying to learn every game mechanic and system in order to prepare the best. Trust me for a new player RU can be really overwhelming.

I am really concerned about the mentioned facts with combination of how AGS is treating their players will roll out at the end. If you would ask me before beta I was 1000% sure that they will announce release date soon after beta (which would make the most sense). Now they are doing the same mistake as they did before delay with an addition of horrible PR.

Just my 2 cents.


the hype is gone at this point


The game has a consistent PvE gear treadmill that has a heavily time gated daily/weekly lockout loop. This will curb “no-lifing” so the game isn’t simply beaten and maxed in mere days…although this will still happen to a certain extent.

PvP itself is an infinite content farm since the content are the other players. And having this element of the game (ranked and structured pvp) equalized and free of P2W in a F2P game ensures there’s always content.

As for the population, its really driven heavily by social media and FOMO. So games will have a much MUCH larger initial player base and a bigger crash due to how a lot of players play games based on the community on twitter, twitch, youtube rather than the content of the game. No game is really immune to this. In order to sustain a large population, it needs to sustain a large part of the social media influence.

I haven’t seen any advertising for this game at all

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Majority of people are not involved and are just waiting for the game to come out.
Some people will definitely stay on RU and some will burn out before release 100%. But a lot of players are just trying stuff out, finding out mains, exploring the mechanics, basically just getting few more hits before the release, after having withdrawals from the beta.
They shouldn’t rush the release just because some people are irresponsible and will burn themselves out.

lol. no. most people won’t learn about it until launch.

The question is if this majority are a passionate players who will stay and spend money or someone who will try the game and get bored in the process of leveling or soon after they realize that you can buy pretty much anything in this game with real money. Except skill ofc, but this won’t really play a big role for first 8 months of the game as T1 and T2 are pretty easy now.

no one is gonna spend money on a watered down version of the original game tbh. only people that would are the ones that don’t care if AGS do whatever they want to the game. but the game won’t be as successful as in RU/KR etc. our version is not going to be the same thanks to AGS changes. personally i’m refunding my platinum pack if i see what they said were just lies. might still refund either way because i know they won’t stop just there. given that they didn’t care enough to tell us about where are they heading with these decisions they’re making instead they go silent about it…

the 0 communication alone is suspicious. going silent on the community is never a good sign. success requires communications between both sides not just doing whatever you want and ignoring everyone else around you. i don’t get it… like all we got is just the “release in early 2022” ok and? what are we expecting? what are you doing? where is it going? etc… and them? just silence…


Im this kind of player who don’t really get bothered by such changes. What bothers me more is that every such change takes time to do and clearly they are focusing on wrong things since translations are worse than community patcher, monetization is kinda bad from what I’ve been reading lately (peons required to trade engraving books), cost of blue crystals being untransparent (requiring little over the specific amount so players have to buy bigger packs in order to get it) etc.

Next thing is we can discuss 1000 problems and we still don’t have release date. i don’t understand why is AGS scared to make commitment to their players NOW and set up release date. Also why is there only statements from AGS, we would like to see some Smilegate statement also, how they see the delay, western changes.


They bothered to respond to the call to arms thread today with the same tripe (are they nervous?). “We already communicated with the community on this. Our response has not changed.” If their response was not well received or good enough, people wouldn’t still be asking questions. We aren’t getting any new information unless we see another beta or wait till release.

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oh yeah i’m curious about the prices too of the crystals etc. cause in Beta they were so high that it was ridiculous specially when you buy Blue Crystals holy moly that was so bad but again assuming they didn’t setup prices on anything properly so that’s ok. and we definitely need a release date… telling us Early 2022 is just weird given that it’s not a New Game you’re literally just Publishing it… how hard could that be? how long could it take? man…

the copy-paste response of course… feels like bots are talking to us with the copy-paste repeatable reply. i don’t expect another beta as they already stated there will be no other beta test. because the game doesn’t need testing my goodness they’re just delaying for no reason the game is READY just release it and let us play… you can patch whatever you want from changing npc’s color to hell with it just release it and do that crap in a later patch or whatever…

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I don’t really think it is ready. They have been wasting resources on things no one asked to be done. Because of the wasted resources, we have poor translations (card effects, general MMO mechanic descriptions, etc.), unfinished translations (several in-game guides still in Korean), graphics bugs due to the unwanted changes, and many other things. I’m wondering what the island bugs are that people have mentioned. This game is second fiddle to NW and we all know this.


yeah that’s what i meant. it was ready but they decided to mess with it therefore delaying further and god knows what they’ll do after release too. i’m giving it a couple more weeks if they don’t give us the release date or even give us an update on what are they doing to the game i’ll just refund immediately without hesitation as i know nothing good comes out of them when it comes to this. looks at New World

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I completely agree, there is a lot of time and resources wasted on things no one was even asking for. In doing this they have caused more time to be wasted where many outcomes play out. One of those outcomes imo is a loss of player hype and enthusiasm for the game.

I personally play FFXIV as well and am greatly looking forward to the new expansion but tbh I was wanting to play Lost Ark more till recently when it seemed my hype for LA has diminished due to lack of communication with player base, lack of announcements in general concerning what they are working on or fixing with this delayed amount of time and an overall lack of PR in general which you would think would be front and center with the game just having come off a beta.

This sums it up imo. Look at all the hype and communication NW gets over some bug fixes they can’t get right to begin with but they can’t even release some information on a game that is pretty much fleshed out already?

Choices like these will cause the game to lose the launch it could be capable of imo.


I forgot about the series. They’ve released one episode per week in the first two weeks. They say we’re getting 14 classes. So, in theory, 14 episodes. 14 weeks from Nov 18 is Feb 24 to post the last episode. That fits with releasing the game in March, not earlier as some have hoped.

I learned of the game from a video that came out of E3 or some other game conference. I haven’t seen anything else.

Launch still being three months away, it makes sense to me if they’re not spending on ads until closer to that time.

Most new players learning of the game at or after launch won’t know the game was changed unless they find out via this forum or social media. It remains to be seen if those topics will flare up again at launch. On one hand, it’ll be a dead horse by then. On the other, many will be learning about it for the first time. And we may find more changes when the game launches which may stir things up again.

Perhaps by then AGS will have access to better censorship tools to quickly silence dissent across platforms. FB, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc. have been working hard to make censorship quick and easy since 2016.

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No sir, IGN already said this series is only 5 episodes. 3 more to go.

No worries here. Been playing RU for 7 months now. Everybody I know will join the Exodus to NA/EU servers as soon as it releases.

Yes, and a lot of RU speaking players (PVE + PVP) already said they will go EU.

The post history of the reddit moderators is pretty bad. Some of you should go take a look sometime. There is a reason that forum is mostly dead. One of them even deleted the post-beta megathread that they they created. Yes, the thread created by the moderator on reddit. Probably wasn’t enough positive reception to keep it open. I’d bet you’d have to purge the whole megathread to keep it up or risk the game looking bad.

See the the only thing we have to comment on is the localization and the P2W mechanics. The game is done so you can’t really say much about the mechanics. It all works. They can’t keep a feedback thread open because it is full of upset people.

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What you on about. Many just went to play RU while waiting for EU is all, even more didnt bother. Plus players from Taiwan doing the same before their release.